Take a Stitch Tuesday

Since people enjoyed last weeks Closed base needlewoven picot I decided to show you Open base needlewoven picot.

The method of working is very similar but the base is wider. You can make short or quite long or I have seen them worked in wide and stacked to form lichen type textures on motifs of trees and bark. Also if worked stacked in semi circles they make great pinecones! If you work them in a circle they form petals for flower like motifs. The ‘leaves’ stand free from the fabric in a 3D manner.

My main tip is to use a blunt tapestry needle so that as you weave the threads you do not split them by accident.

Open base needlewoven picot
Place a pin in your work with the pin emerging from the fabric where you want the base of your picot to be.

Bring the thread out at the base to the left of the pin.   Take the thread behind the pin and back into the fabric on the right hand side as illustrated. Bring the thread out, a little to the left, at the base of where the pin emerges from the fabric.
Open base needlewoven picot 3
Take the thread and wrap it behind the pin. Have the thread cross the pin so that it wraps from the right side to left as illustrated in the photograph.

Open base needlewoven picot 4
Begin weaving by sliding the needle from left to right picking up the two outer threads. You do not pick up the middle thread.
Open base needlewoven picot 5
Pull the thread through firmly but not too tight.
Open base needlewoven picot
Turn the needle and continue weaving by sliding the needle from right to left picking the middle thread. The two outer threads are not picked up.
Open base needlewoven picot 7
Pull your thread through and continue in this back and forth motion until you have woven to the base. As you weave use the needle to pack the picot so that it firm.
Open base needlewoven picot 8 Continue weaving until the picot is packed firmly to the base.
Open base needlewoven picot 9Take the thread to the back and secure with two small back stitches.

Open base needlewoven picotRemove the pin and you have a freestanding needle woven Picot which pops up from the fabric.

Once again the challenge is:

For new hands to learn the stitch


If you are an experienced stitcher take the stitch and push it a little further in a creative manner or combine this stitch with one of the stitches already covered in TAST 2012. If you have worked a sample in a previous challenge feel free to post a link in comments as it will inspire people but if you have time do try another sample and do something different and new!

How to join in

Stitch a sample,  take a photograph of it, put in online in your blog, flickr site or on stitchin fingers page, swing by here and leave a comment with your full web address so people can visit and see your sample.

Any special rules?

There are no rules but I do have a request, please link back here.

Interesting work will be featured

Each week I will link to interesting samples that participants have stitched order to draw attention to how the stitch is used.

Further information

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Other groups and networks

You can also share your explorations with other members on the social network site of your choice. There is a Facebook TAST 2012 page,   stitchin fingers group and the flickr TAST site. All these sub groups are set up at request of members

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30 Responses to Take a Stitch Tuesday

  1. Hi Sharon,
    I’ve just finished my little Picot man. Not easy to build a human out of picots! But great fun. I am wondering of my little man used to live in Machu Picot :). You can view him here: http://stitchinfingers.ning.com/profile/JessicaGrimm
    Have a nice day, Jessica

  2. Angela says:

    I love this stitch! It really helps that it was so similar to the stitch from last week. Repetition helps me!

  3. Claudia says:

    Queenie’s corn from last week inspired me thinking of fruits and vegies as motifs. Had fun stitching a banana: http://fabricfusion.blogspot.co.at/2012/11/tast-week-45-cqjp-ufo.html
    Thank you, Sharon for all! Cheers Claudia

  4. Nancilyn says:

    Posted a flower and an artichoke. The latter has so many layers, I’ve included detail shots from different angles.

  5. Laurel says:

    You can find my post for this week here:
    It is not yet finished, but shows some picots.

  6. Marjolein says:

    Last week I didn’t pay attention and showed a sample of open base needle woven picot instead of closed base needle woven picot. So no needle woven picots this week.
    I did catch up a few stitches though: Basque stitch with beads, knotted buttonhole stitch and pistil stitch.

  7. My sample this week doesn’t have lots of picots, but I didn’t have more space ;)

  8. Rose says:

    Wheee! Finally caught up! Here’s my open based needlewoven picot. Tried to make a banner/bunting but the points weren’t as sharp as I would have liked. But I think the idea is there. Will be blogging later today. Here’s the work on Flickr

  9. Luiz Vaz says:

    Hi Sharon & Friends, my post for the week.
    Last week, I posted a work of open needle woven picot instead of closed base. Sorry ;( Thank you all!

  10. Rose says:

    My blog has now been updated
    as well as photos added to Stitchngfingers

  11. Liz Eph says:

    Hiya Sharon, I didn’t post this yesterday cos I went past the time deadline again, well I think I did, I’m not sure at what time exactly you post your time. But I saw some others have posted late so I thought i’d add it anyway.
    xx Liz xx

  12. Annet says:

    Just in time for the new stitch! Here’s my woven picot flower:
    I combined it with a design from my new book, so it was double fun.

  13. http://stitchinfingers.ning.com/profile/JeanneMarieMellor
    I LOVE this stitch! It is just as wonderful as closed base picot and it was really nice to use it in the same piece for a variety of leaf, flower & bush shapes on a needlefelted landscape.
    Thank You, Sharon!!!

  14. Bernice Odom says:

    This was another fun stitch. See my blog…. http://timeusebybernice.wordpress.com/

  15. libbyQ says:

    really running behind this week but did get my sample stitching done.
    i worked it into a postcard that i am making.