Work in Progress Wednesday my hussif report

Ok the time has come! The Hussif challenge is on! I can be flashy and annoying and busy buzzing about the place in an over excited manner as I have started to stitch my Hussif!

Hussif pieces 1

First of all the set the scene here are the pieces set out cutting mat (those squares are inches). For the last 2 years I have been working on quilt that has subdued colours so I wanted to break out a bit with this project and create something very colourful. Also I was inspired to use some of the samples of Colour Streams have sent me. I pieced these a couple of weeks ago.

Hussif pieces 2

hand embroidery floral sprayOk on with the work in progress report. I started to work a spray on one of the larger pieces in part because I wanted to establish mood but also because I have a review of the colourstreams products in the pipeline. (Look tomorrow for this and more eye candy.)

Since I am writing the review and need to complete a little sample, I have done something I hardly ever do, which is to bead the area right away. Normally I wait until all hand stitching is done then I add the beads, buttons charms etc.

If you want to see a close up of the embroidery, click on the images and it will take you there.

hand embroider inprogress

The same applies for the grapes here – still on the hoop.

That is my work in Progress report.

What have you done this week that takes you towards your stitching goals? Leave a comment and let us know.

Work in Progress Wednesdays  are still progress report days. My progress report just happens to be this mini challenge.  If you are working on another project that is fine. For those folks who want to report on a work in progress do so as per usual.

As a side note: A hussif is a sewing roll or sewing kit or caddy but I gave a more detailed answer here . The idea is that people design their own hussifs. Any style of  quilting or embroidery is acceptable just make your hussif the hussif you have always wanted to own!  The is no deadline but aim for quality or give yourself a space for experimentation not simply tick off another project.  I presented some informal guidelines here .

For those who do crazy quilting one of the challenges this year on CrazyQuilting International is to create a hussif you may want to combine the two challenges. If you are a crazy quilter and working a hussif dont forget my give away tutorial on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams

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22 Responses to Work in Progress Wednesday my hussif report

  1. Renee says:

    I just LOVE the colors of your hussif. Beautiful!

    I made a little more progress on my Winter/Christmas Dream block this week and added a jingle bell seam.

    • sharonb says:

      Annett I left a comment on your blog but wanted to say that your fabric book is a great inspiration – I am thinking of doing one!

  2. Hello Sharon, I’ve a naked Hussif yesterday.
    Am I aloud to fill it up myself with embroideries or must I follow you ? Smiles Margreet.

  3. Angela says:

    Oh so pretty! I have finally finished my April CQ.

  4. Beth in IL says:

    Love the colors and the flower spray. I look forward to your review of the fibers tomorrow. I have posted my WIP here: I am making a little progress on Elizabeth. Not nearly as far as Pamela!

  5. Marci Hainkel says:

    That floral spray is wonderful, I may print a copy for my inspiration book.
    I finished a round robin block. Victoria pieced the block and I embellished it.

  6. Marianne Squire Maszer says:

    I searched for and found my pattern for hussif. Photocopied it and cut out pieces, now I am cleaning off my work areas, and then I will gather fabrics. Not much progress, but a step in the right direction anyway. Sharon I adore your jewel tones, so vibrant. Your flowers are so delicate, and the grapes so realistic! I also worked for 3 days for my library’s used book sale and we raised $15,000 USD.

  7. Wow! That’s going to be some piece! You’re making fast progress on it as well. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Maybe, later in the year, I’ll make myself a new manicure pouch as a slightly adapted version of the challenge.

    Meanwhile, here’s this week’s update on the Tudor costume piece:

  8. queeniepatch says:

    Your hussif is already filled with beauty! I love to see what different flowers grow from the stems and vine you have made with your stencils.
    I have made good use of the Rope Stitch and created a ‘gas flame flower’ for the Swedish Cushion.

  9. Barbara M says:

    Love the colours!!! Can’t wait to see how this grows!

    Been so busy lately but managed to finish my tast stitching, also made a start on my hussiff. Will post when things calm down a little!

  10. Hi Sharon,
    I love your floral sprays.
    I finished the kutch work on the border and moving on to the centre. fabric pieces for the crazy quilted hussif are chosen. I am hoping to progress on this project during the week. the working on zigzag coral stitch sampler is still continued.
    I have to see the class lessons now.

  11. PJ in Texas, USA says:

    I have been hand piecing my patches in place, and I currently have about 1/4 of the piecing done. I have not done any “planning”, but I have selected a stack of fabric, most of which will probably not be used.

    As I finish up one patch, I look through the box, and pick out the next fabric to use. Then I play around with that fabric to find the right place, and right shape. Then I pin the shape in place and press the turned under edges for the shape I want to end up with. Next the pins are removed, the pressed seam lines are opened up, and the excess fabric is trimmed off. Then I either piece or applique that section down to the adbutting fabrics and support muslin.

    My background is in engineering, but I kept my work to the imporovement of processes and safety. I have never really been able to even draw a straight line using a ruler or template. I have signed up for your Sumptuous class, and I am very excited to finally be learning how to design rather than relying on fabrics, threads and embellishments to tell me what to do next. I have also signed up for your journal class, knowing that I will need renforcement.and additional practice.

    • sharonb says:

      Great comment PJ and I think you will enjoy the class- You got todays lesson Ok?

      • PJ in Texas, USA says:

        Yes, I got the first without any problem, but I had to go around some corners to get the second and third. But I did get them, then put them right where I wanted, and also verified that the file sizes were correct.

  12. Just one block more of my current piece, the next block is the subject of reverse sewing, already.
    Have a good week.


  13. Pamela says:

    I’ve done a little more on the queen (starting the jewels) and have started the piecing on my hussif.


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