Work in Progress Wednesdays the Hussif Sewing Caddy

Hussif sewing caddy pocketHi all it is work in Progress Wednesday and here I am with my mini challenge report.

This week I did one of the pockets that will be inside the sewing caddy hussif. It is the pocket that will hold my stencils.

To be honest it’s a bit of cheat to say I did this week as I had it half done for the review I wrote about colour stream products but I did finish it off! That is my story and I sticking to it.

I managed only a small bit of stitching this week as my class has been keeping me busy. As anyone who has taken any of my classes knows I try and respond to everyone. With 170 people in the class that keeps me at the computer!

Click on the image and it will take you to larger photo

For those that simply land here as a result of a search engine or because you have not dropped in for a while a hussif is a sewing roll or sewing kit or caddy but I gave a more detailed answer here . This is a min challenge where the idea is that people design their own hussifs. Any style of  quilting or embroidery is acceptable just make your hussif the hussif you have always wanted to own!  The is no deadline but aim for quality or give yourself a space for experimentation not simply tick off another project.  I presented some informal guidelines here .

For those who do crazy quilting one of the challenges this year on CrazyQuilting International is to create a hussif you may want to combine the two challenges. If you are a crazy quilter and working a hussif dont forget my give away tutorial on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams

What have you done this week that takes you towards your stitching goals? Leave a comment and let us know .

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21 Responses to Work in Progress Wednesdays the Hussif Sewing Caddy

  1. JulieJC says:

    How do you find the time?! I am still waiting for Jeff to create my pattern for all the little pockets. I could have done it myself, but sometimes you have to help retired hard workers come up with things to do to allay boredom. He’s learned to knit and sent his first scarf to his daughter. I’m not sure there will be a second scarf! lol Next he’s planning on learning to make polymer clay beads! (For me to work into jewelry)

    I’ve set my other stitching aside to focus on the Sumptuous Surfaces class which I’m loving!

  2. I love WIP Wednesdays, especially now that we are in the midst of this Hussif challenge. But I am siezed by guilt, too, at my lack of progress. I have selected a large piece that I crazy-pieced a couple years ago and plan to chop up into the necessary components. I also have done a drawing (very crude) of what I would like the finished Hussif to include. But that’s all so far. This last week I was dyeing, painting and ironing lace, sewing on a sane quilt in hopes of giving it to my DS and DDIL next month in time for their one year wedding anniversary. And putting together the International Flags announcements, etc. Then yesterday it was babysitting DGD, making strawberry jam and working in the yard. Never enough hours in a day.

  3. Claudia says:

    I,m sorry for beeing late. Until now I just have pieced the outside of my hussif. You can see it here:
    Now I will start stitching. Thanks, Sharon, for organizing this little challenge. Your work is as always wonderful.

  4. Maureen says:

    My latest work is at

    I love your Colourstreams Cast-ons Sharon. Ophir is a favourite of mine and comes in such a beautiful colour range.

  5. Marci Hainkel says:

    Your pocket is gorgeous.
    I finished a round robin block this week

  6. Marianne Squire Maszer says:

    No photos to show, as I have only cut out the pieces for my hussif so far. I’m using a pansy theme in cotton prints, cotton batiks and silk dupioni in purple and yellow. I had to finish a crazy quilted heart first. Sharon, your pocket is gorgeous, I enjoyed your review.

  7. Janie says:

    Yes, beautiful work as always.
    I have added more hand embroidery to the pocket and more beading to the Venice lace piece. I have added silk Yo-Yo’s with netting and will add vintage buttons & beading around them.
    My “Prairie” sewing kit is almost done!! You can see it @

  8. Renee says:

    Sharon, your pocket is gorgeous!

    I finally finished embellishing the “dream” block from the CQI Winter/Christmas DYB RR I was in last year. If time allows, I may have the wall hanging put together by next week.

  9. Annet says:

    Queenie just said it all! Love the new stitches on your hussif.
    Here’s my progress for this week:

  10. Angela says:

    Wow! That is a really big class! You must be incredibly busy! Your stitching is gorgeous! You can see what I have done at

  11. Here’s mine for the week. Not a great deal of movement, but slow progress is still progress.=)

    Keep up the good work all!

  12. Hi Sharon,
    Great work on your Hussif. I am wondering do you also have the same 24 hrs in a day like others? best Time manager!
    My border has progressed to the last stage in embroidery, I have started piecing my block, still doing it by hand, your crazy quilting lessons are still being used.
    now I have to work on feathered chain stitch sampler.
    Thank you,

  13. Another block of my fusion piece complete. Stitching is slow but steady. (I sound like the tortoise!)
    Have a good week

  14. queeniepatch says:

    I am amazed that you have time to stitch at all, with so many students in your class and I know how much attention you always show each individual. Great work, Sharon.
    My WIPW can be found here:

    • sharonb says:

      Thanks Queenie – I have to admit I am bit busy at the moment the next few weeks will be interesting!

  15. Pamela says:

    What you’ve done is really beautiful!

    I’ve done a little more on the queen this week and pieced the main part and two pockets for my hussif.


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