Bags of fun update

Bags of fun update

I did mean to write this 2 days ago as it’s time for a bags of fun update as that ticker is sliding along.Much of my week has been taken up with organizing the All that Jazz project as there is an amazing amount of emails etc associated with something like this and I still have a head cold. The other day I set up a ticker for that project.

I thought I had better post my progress as I am going to try and get this bag out of the way – clear the decks so I am free to work on my block for All that Jazz.

As you can see both the front and the back have progressed a little. It’s coming together gradually. There is quite a bit of handwork on it. I still want the structure of the bag to be obvious. I have emphasied the fly with Berwick stitch and started to emphasise the pockets on the back with the same stitch. I will probably leave the pockets on the back blank. The same goes for the fly and areas that show the structure of the bag. I want people to see it is a recycled pair of jeans. The back has just started with a little bit of embroidery added.

I have also decided to keep with the rough and ready feel and use a rope like slung through the belt loops as a shoulder strap. So that is the state of play at the moment. As usual if you click on the pictures you will be taken to larger image.

Now to get ready for work.


  1. […] When I showed my Visual Diary Page to Sharon she suggested a few ideas and then we started tossing ideas back and forth…I added the new ideas in black pen so that you can spot the differences there is a larger photo at Flicker… there is now way to many ideas to fit on the bag but it is great to have lots to choose from. […]

  2. Hi,
    So three children officially cut their jeans and began sewing today. I plan on presenting the “bag lesson” to three more tomorrow. We have a sign up sheet for those who are interested. So fun they could barely wait until I finished asking: Do you have any questions? before the first question: Can we start now?!



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