Bags of fun challenge: My bag is finished

Bags of fun challenge: My bag is finished


Bags of fun challenge bagAs everyone can see I have finished my bags of fun bag. I thought when I proposed the Bags of fun challenge I would have plenty of time to complete it but since I also created the gallery to host on my website I only just made the deadline!

I have to admit that towards the end I tired of stitching through denim. Finer threads are OK but the thicker threads were tiring on the hands. I am looking forward to some regular stitching on the Katrina block now. I decided I liked the V shape and retained it. I also added a little bit of elastic (about 7 inches) in a casing front and back. It just holds the bag closed or perhaps I should describe it as tucked in.

I used many of textured stitches such as French knots, Couching, Bullion knots and oyster stitch all of them fun.

Since it is going to be a project bag that simply gets tossed in the back of the car and taken to various stitching meetings the roomy size is fine and it does not need to be closed as such. I am delighted to say that it holds a project, sewing equipment, a hoop and one of those plastic storage boxes that hold threads. There is still room to spare and pockets to tuck things in. I am thinking of attaching a pair of scissors on a long cord to it and needlecase and simply keeping them in one of pockets as I am always losing scissors.

On the flickr group I was asked if I was reaching out of a comfort zone with this crusty treatment. Well not really because I have been intrigued with this sort of overly stitched treatment for a while now. Last January I experimented with this fabric postcard . Previously I have also experimented with contrasting textured stitches against pulled thread techniques.

I am still experimenting with this. If I had to summerize it in a few words I would say I am exploring voided areas combined with  high and low textured areas. I think that it has loads of potential and I am still experimenting with it. I will organize some close ups of the samplers after I have the gallery built for the bags of fun participants and if people are interested.

Anyway I enjoyed the challenge of translating this to a denim bag. It meant I had to shift the scale and as a result the buttons were added. It at least looks different! I also wanted to retain the obvious look of recycled jeans.

Now for a bit of Bags of fun challenge housework. For those who are finishing their bags could you please send me an image of your bag and a little bit about how you made it . I have started working on the gallery site to display all the bags. So please email me an image of your bag and your story.

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  1. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    ELEVEN days!

    Yours does look wonderful. Congratualtions on getting inearly. 🙂 It is very beutiful, and I think the gallery, from what I have seen, is going to be stunning.

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