Drum Roll Please

Drum Roll Please

Drum roll please . . . Da daaaaaaa . . . The All that Jazz block is off the hoop finished and done!

As you can see the magnolias spread and the wisteria grew a bit. The mask and the jesters hat came up OK with beading. For those who are wondering the Music is the first few bars of Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.

Stitches used in this block on the seams are two rows of Herringbone , Oyster stitch worked in a row, and buttonhole . On the music and the edge of the fabric shapes I used couching . The Wisteria is done in French knots using silk ribbon and the leaves are detached chain and stems are worked using a whipped running stitch.

The ticker is moving a long and so are other people who are making blocks for this project. Take a look at the blocks on the flickr group called All that Jazz Katrina Hurricane Survivor Quilt

It is Sunday morning here and Jerry is up bright eyed and bushy tailed as we are off to the local swap meet. I think in other states people call them Trash and treasure. In other parts of the world it’s a local community market where people clean out their garages and bring it to parking lot and sell it. Sometimes you find all sorts of gems other days its not so good but the trick is to go early. So if I am to find any bargian it is time to be getting a wriggle on – imagine to self – broad beamed woman getting a ‘wriggle on’ mmmm not good


  1. Ohhh Sharon, I read a few emails and they talked about your Wisteria stitching and I finally found the entry but for some reason I get red Xs instead of photos and I’ve refreshed etc. I’m wondering if you could email me that entry with your picture? If not I’ll check the old blog and see if it’s there. Thank you so much for sharing, I’ve enjoyed practicing some of your stitches on my pieces very much.

    Rose Anne B
  2. Beautiful work…but I knew it would be. Lovely magnolias…!

    Hope you find some goodies at the T&T! In our area, it is a flea market. Whatever you call it—it’s FUN! ….poking about in all the stuff….

  3. It’s so nice to have you back. The Katrina block is beautiful! It reflects the joyous spontaneity of the quarter and Bourbon Street as well as the refined elegance of the the historic Garden District. What a wonderfully, generous gift to help the victims of Katrina.

    Pam Simpson

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