Progress on a block

Progress on a block

As I said on Monday I was going to blog the progress of a block. Well there has be a little progress so here is the next shot.

block demo 3

As you can see most of the seams have basic stitches on them and I have started to add a second layer of stitches.

The feather stitch is topped off with two bullion knots . A version of threaded arrowhead stitch is at the base of the lace and I have to interlaced the herringbone with ribbon.

That’s the stage I am at now!


  1. Looking very nice Sharon. I can see now why we started the seams first – it does give you more idea on where things are to go. Sometimes even I have a lightbulb moment…lol. Thank you for sharing and your encouragment.

  2. This is absoulutely lovely! I read your blog daily and next year (as I have too many unfinished projects right now) I want to attempt to learn how to do this. I am already adding to my stash of fabric and trims. Thanks so much for taking the time you do to share so much on your blog.

    Sue Heins
  3. I think this is absolutely gorgeous. I love purple. I wish I had the patience for beautiful crazy quilt stitches…but when I try, the further along I go, the bigger and messier my stitches become.

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