Waving and a bit of work in Progress

Waving and a bit of work in Progress

After Sunday’s incident Jerry pointed out to me that Mercury is in retrograde. Yes, the man has TWO PhD’s and still knows about such things. I may call him doctor squared but who am I to argue. As he pointed out to me “Computers and other processes that work with information may experience crashes, unexpected failures.” So I can blame it on the stars!

Thankyou everyone who sent me a message I was feeling pretty down about it and nearly just pulled the whole site but I knew that many people would b disappointed if I did.

While away I upgraded WordPress – the software that runs this blog so I am now running 2.2. By the way you can now have a free hosted WordPress blog. It is great software and I love it.

Now if I was going to follow Jerry’s advice about Mars being in retrograde I would not have embarked on upgrading anything or started new things such as this crazy quilt block but instead turned to finnishing a UFO.

I must admit due to unforeseen circumstances things are moving very slowly in the stitching line but, for what it is worth this is the stage my latest crazy quilt block is at. As you can see a little more embroidery has been done and it’s just about ready for beading and adding buttons.

The chain stitched curved seam embellishment was whipped with a rayon ribbon and I have added some silk ribbon embroidered flowers to the lace. Also a large lace motif has been added to the large purple area. I have a number of flower shaped buttons that will pull this area together. I have added another lace motif to the other side of the block. I am not sure if that is going to stay or not but it is there for the moment. This weekend in a public holiday long weekend and I hope to have it beaded by the end of it.


  1. love looking at the progress pics – your pics here and in the class handouts are really one of the best parts. It helps to look at a pic and have it explained. It also helps to look at the pics and get inspiration and ideas. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  2. Glad to see you are back to stitching, Sharon. I can’t imagine the blogosphere without you!

    Also, I think I’m going to do “a meaningful and sensitive reinterpretation of contemporary textile practice” with that lovely seam treatment!

  3. Your back!!!! I am so glad I kept ‘stepping over’ your blog of a morning and I felt that my morning coffee was just not the same with out my dose of inaminuteago… I was so cross about what happened to your site I was heard to utter deep and dark mutterings all that day – probably nothing compared to yours!!!! Anyway – Welcome back!!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone for the support I am really very touched by it.

    Thanks meggiecat for the articles – interesting reading – I am geeky enough to say that with a straight face – over my morning coffeee

    To quickly answer comment before heading off to have a shower and get ready for work –

    The ribbon treatment on the lace is silk ribbon roses over the top of silk ribbon which has been woven in and out of the lace

    Buttonhold fans are best worked with to many stitches rather than too few – if they flip up you need more stiches – thats my key tip when ever I teach these

    Allison it’s not borrowing – its ‘ a meaningful and sensitive reinterpretation of contemporary textile practice’

  5. i am enjoying watching your process unfold
    can you led me to the details of how those cute ribbon flowers were embroidered into the lace?
    thanks for all the knowledge and inspiration you share

  6. Actually, I reallllly like that seam in the bottom lefthand corner.
    Glad things are returning to normal – this was a minor blip for us, although we know it was worse for you – it is as nothing compared to the riot that would occur if you pulled the site.
    Strong men would absolutely quail at the uprisings that would instantly happen on the steps of Australian embassies all over the world.

  7. Sharon,

    I would have missed your blog so! I am glad that you decided not to let some major brat (gee, I had rewrite that phrase 5 times before it was “living room language” friendly!) alter your online life.

    What would I do without your site to refer to when i need to know something stitchy??

  8. So good to have you back Sharon, the CQ and blogging world is not the same without you. I am sorry too that you had this happen to your incredible site/work.

    Judith Green

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