Vintage knitting pattern Graphics at Alphastamps

Vintage knitting pattern Graphics at Alphastamps

Alphastamps has republished some vintage knitting patterns not so much for the pattern, but the graphics associated with them.

Often when browsing around the net and encountering these old graphics I have thought that images of this vintage could be printed on fabric and incorporated on themed projects. I have at various times scanned the graphics on cards of buttons, old needle cases and of course patterns but not done too much with the idea. I am sure the right project will come along such as a crazy quilt block or project on the theme of needlecrafts or in this case graphics such as this could be used on a bag for a knitter particularly if combined in Photoshop with other images of things like vintage knitting needles and the like. It would be great to find images of wool labels from the same era.

For anyone who is interested in collage and the book arts poke around Alphastamps further as you will find numerous resources to stir the creative juices.

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  1. Funny you should write about this now…I was just thinking that my friend’s incredible, traditional cross stitch samplers would be so great transferred to fabric and used as the basis of quilt blocks..

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