New tutorials online

New tutorials online

More and more bloggers are writing tutorials on how to make or do particular things. Some tutorials are obviously quickly written by inexperienced teachers but others being published are real gems. I think it is worth doing a regular round up of these “how to” posts. I thought that if there is enough material published online in a given week or two I could write a weekly/fortnightly round up highlighting recently published good tutorials.

What do people think of the idea? Since sewers are starting to make Christmas gifts as many of these tutorials are great gift ideas too. Do you see posts pointing to tutorials as a useful resource? Leave a comment and let me know.

Lisa of Uhandblog has written a great tutorial on How to get a handle on your handbags – Bag Handle 101 Bag handles are numerous and varied. Lisa’s tutorial covers handles with metal hooks, fixed rings or holes, making your own fabric straps, and wide handles which need casings.

Over on Camille’s Place Ribbonwiz has published a tutorial on how to make a Lampshade

Whip up regularly features tutorials or posts links to tutorials. Recently Laura’s tutorial on how to felt a knitted or crocheted piece caught my eye. My only comment would be that I would use a pillow case rather than a net bag because a pillow case will contain any lint produced in the process.

In the same vein of sharing information on how to make things wikiHow is a collaborative project which aims to get instructional material online. Anyone can write an article and as with all wikis anyone can edit it or add material to it changing the article into something better. Check out the Hobbies and Crafts section as it is slowing growing.

Thanks goes out to The Pin Gallery for highlighting this Wiki in a post.

I am sure most readers will be aware of the new Fibre and stitch magazine what you may have not realised is that they provide free projects and tutorials online. The new projects are marked as such and the files are PDF documents. Check them out to see of you have missed any.

For crazy quilters Janet Stauffacher of Nostalgic Needleart has recently published directions on how to make Ruched Ribbon Violets and last week she gave directions on how to make Vintage Ribbon Roses using French wired ribbon.

Not a tutorial but in the interests of sharing information Pam Kellog has published one of her Vintage tablecloth Patterns

No doubt there are many recently published tutorials. I you have written one leave the URL in a comment and let people know as many tremendous resources are hidden on blogs.


  1. I love the idea of a tutorial round up Sharon, but aren’t you busy enough? My goodness, you do so much for us already!!
    I put the odd how-to up on my blog, but so far nothing to do with needlework – mostly paper – and they’re pretty basic.

    Mary Anne
  2. Jess and Linn thanks for for the heads up about the tutorials – they will be included on my next list. Thanks Linn for reminding me of the resources on your site.They will get included in my next round up.

    If anyone else has a tutorial please leave a comment.

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