Work in Progress

Work in Progress

I have another work in progress report. I am quietly astounded at this as since we went to Sydney last weekend I have been very busy doing things like washing clothes etc in the evening! That said here is my latest block.

Only one block done, but another for my diamond block quilt. I plan to set them out in a tumbling block pattern. Many of the latest blocks are the ‘darks’ or ‘mids’ in the pattern.

They don’t look much on their own but the whole back story is under the category of  Wips and  Wisps

Since it is such a large project I should possibly make it a category on it’s own but I am not sure many people actually use these. Other than having a nice print out at the end of the project I am not sure how good an idea it is.

Now that I have thought of it, I would love to know if anyone actually uses the categories to navigate back through a topic. Or if anyone has actually traced back a history of a project/challenge etc using the categories.

If you have time leave a comment as I would love to know.

I have cropped off the seam allowances as I found people could ‘see’ better what I was doing when I started doing that.

Below is a detail from this block.

The flowers are little crochet motifs that I picked up at the craft fair. They are tiny smaller than a 5 cent piece. At the base of the scallops which are worked in chain stitch is a threaded chain stitch.

On the other seam is a irregular feather stitch worked in hand dyed pearl silk thread. These are topped with little flowers worked using detached chain and straight stitch. I have topped these off with seed beads to add a little zest to the block.

For those interested in some of the fabrics used in this quilt many of them are mens neck ties and have a paisley pattern on them. In fact if you look back all the patterned fabrics have a paisley design on them.

As usual you can click on the images to go to larger versions and click on the magnify glass icon to see closer details again.


The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

Posts on How to assemble a Crazy Quilt which include;

Online Crazy Quilting Classes:

Just a quick reminder for those who are interested in taking a class with me. You will find all my classes listed under the top tab imaginatively titled Classes online you will also find information on how online classes are run.


  1. I use the tags all the time on lots of blogs. I often want to go back and compare something from one part to the next, or look at a whole body of work together. The tags are helpful. I use them on my own blogs, too.

  2. I regularly see your blog,especially,since I have joined the TAST challenge on stitchinfingers.You have done so many wonderful things,everytime I visit your blog, I learn something new in embroidery, thank you

  3. Sharon, when I first started reading your blog, I did track back using your categories, to get an idea of the history of some of your projects and chat subjects. Once I’d been reading for awhile, I found that I didn’t need to do that anymore, since I keep up with your posts. I find something inspiring in every diamond block you post. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. These blocks say so much in such a small space, Sharon. When it is all put together it will be magnificent. I use categories, too, especially if I am hunting for back posts on specific topics. I guess I should start using categories on my own blog, huh? ;0)

  5. Thank you again for posting WIP. So inspiring.

    I use your categories frequently. I often want to go back to look at something again.

    I use my own Categories, too. The Tags, on the other hand, lead to every other blog related to the topic, not to my own. No use at all. I’m thinking of deleting my tags and re-organizing my Categories.

    Your blog is one I never miss.

  6. Sharon, your blocks are going to be fabulous, I use your tags and categories all the time. I visit your site each day, when I first found you, you were getting ready for the “block a day” or 100 days, I would copy and print each stitch, I have many pasted in a little journal, I was afraid you would disappear and that would be awful. But as time passed I knew you did the long haul work, so I come each day and learn, if you cange anything it is too ad more.

  7. I, too use your categories. Tags always seem hard to keep up with. I prefer indices in online help, too, rather than the “search” function. Maybe that just makes me an old fogey of a tech writer, though. 😛

  8. I don’t think you have too many categories and I use them all the time to bop around your blog. LOL…it makes me think I need to organize my blog better. I never thought I would be blogging this long and have so many post and it would be easier to find things if I had been better at using labels to mark things. I guess I could go back and do it now.

  9. I use your categories too…and have thought the same thing, that I should have a separate category for a long term project on my blog. Next time, I will!

    Also…your single blocks like this one do TOO look like “much”!

  10. MMMM… perhaps I should create a category for this quilt …
    I must admit to be very embarrassed about the number of categories I already have but then this is old blog now.

    I will think about it as I am only part the way through the diamond blocks and it would not be too much work to back track and hive all hte posts about tis project in a category.

    It’s interesting that people use them than is very good feedback thanks

  11. I reallt like this quilt – i particulalry like the underlying structure of the tumbling blocks with the craziness confined to the embelishments, if that makes sense. I am looking forward to seeing it completed. Its funny you should write about it having its own category. i thought the same about a project I just finished. I stick everything in my ’embroidery’ category, and even *I* cant find stuff. I thought too late to have a ‘book’ category – maybe next time. I do sometimes search through categories on other peoples blogs, but not too often – i hardly have enough time to read the current stuff!

  12. I meant to say how impressed I am with how much you have done on this quilt – the embroidery is lovely, as always!
    I am intrigued – I can get the picasa version but no magnifying glass – I wonder why?

  13. When I first started reading your blog I did track-back to see what something was about, but I don’t so much now because I keep up with all your posts and generally know what’s going on. Hope this helps!
    Mary Anne

  14. Sharon I confess I use your categories all the time. I find it a wonderful tool if I want to know about something you have written on a particular area – tags are good too but ‘categories’ alwasy seems a good place to start.

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