Copyright advice sites

Copyright advice sites

Own-it offers free intellectual property advice to anyone who works in  the creative industries. It is a British site financed by the LDA (London Development Agency) and partnered with London College of Communication, which is part of the University of the Arts London

The podcasts and materials on their site often applies to intellectual property issues world wide so do check them out. It is very worthwhile and obviously if you are in Britain book mark it! 

While on  the topic and since copyright is a big issue for anyone which has work online. If you want to discover sites that are “Stealing your content” go to Copyscape and type in your URL. Results will reveal anyone who has copied your content. If you discover that is has happened you can use this advice to respond and defend your copyright

Creative Commons is one way of releasing your work to the public so they an use work legally. It allows you to choose how you want the copyright on your work applied. On Blogging basics 101 they have explained the system clearly in this article  or go directly to  Creative Commons.org as the information is laid out in a way that ordinary people can understand.

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