Sites worth bookmarking: Tutto Ricamo

Sites worth bookmarking: Tutto Ricamo

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Tutto Ricamo is a bilingual site for stitchers. English speakers can click on the British flag to be taken to the English site.

On this site you will find information about different styles of embroidery, free hand embroidery patterns, under techniques numerous pages on different embroidery styles including such styles and Lampugnani embroidery which anyone who is interested in darning stitches might want to have a look at.

In the “how it is done” section you will instructions and a stitch guide. The stitch instructions are particularly worth bookmarking as drawn thread stitches including unusual stitches such as Chiaramonte Stitch. Do take a poke around the Tutto Ricamo site it is very much worthwhile




  1. thanks for the site. I also manage a site dedicated mostly on Silk Ribbon Embroidery. and it is about 3 weeks I have gone for bilingual. previously managed only in turkish, I also create tutorials, patterns for SRE in english also. you can visit it at http://elisidunyamiz.com/en/
    I would appreciate if you could spread some words about my site next time 🙂

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