CQ Mag Online is out

CQ Mag Online is out

The latest issue Volume 9 Issue 2 of CQ Mag online is available.

For those who are new hands this is a back to basics issue so there are lots of articles. Callie the spider is back. When you see the yellow spider icon of Callie, you know the article is good for beginners. Many new hands will appreciate the article Barbara Blankenship  has put together on how to Piece a crazy quilt block.

For those who are new to crazy quilting, CQ Mag online is a free ezine published online 4 times a year. It is written by crazy quilters for crazy quilters and is usually packed with tips, tricks, ideas, techniques and advice from experienced stitchers.

As usual Rissa the team have done an excellent job of the magazine as this issue is full of lots of goodies so don’t hang around here make a cuppa and settle back for a good read over at CQMag Online

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