Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

crazy quilt block startI still have my racing fingers on as I would like share the start of another Crazy Quilt Journal Project block.  This is the block for October!

camilia bush


I love this camillia bush growing near my back step, it is one of the few plants that survived the fires in 2003.   It looks glorious every spring. I even like the mess although I do rake it up. Just a reminder to readers I am in Australia so it’s spring here.

I thought with this block the colour scheme would be appropriate for the ‘journal’ aspect of the challenge which as regular readers know I am running behind in.

A break in the work in Progress reports in December

No doubt as Christmas grows near I will find it harder to write these work in progress reports. I am sure everyone – no matter what religious denomination your are will find it harder to work on large personal projects with holiday season preparations in full swing. So I have decided to put these reports on hold during December.

I can open a post for those that are reporting their progress each week so that they can leave comments about what they have done. If you feel you would use it. Let me know (otherwise I wont bother to open a post if no one want it) This is just for the lead up to holiday season and for us in Australia it is our summer holiday period. Once I am back probably by mid January I will be back posting work in progress reports. Just let me know what others want.

Join in Work in Progress Wednesdays and leave a comment

If you have made progress on a large project leave a comment with a link to your site. If you include the http bit of your web address in the comment it will become a link and folks can visit and see what you have done.
If you want to know more about Work in Progress Wednesdays visit the FAQ


  1. Hi Sharon I love the colours in that block so fresh and spring like and your Camilla bush is glorious. Autumn has been beautiful here but now the leaves are falling and leaving the trees bare I can’t wait for the lovely spring flowers.
    I haven’t made much progress over recent weeks because work got very busy. However I’m now able to catch up on stitching. I think an open post would be great as your WIP Wednesday really has helped keep me on track and I love seeing how everyone else is doing. However low key is a good idea as you head into your summer holiday and we in the northern hemisphere look forward to our winter break for Christmas.

  2. Although I have finished my goldwork sampler I still have two WIP’s that I am looking forward to spending some time with and a WISP that I would quite like to bring to a conclusion (it has been on the frame for 5 years). So of course, I have started another slow project! I have started to blog about it here
    I shall continue to progress this and hopefully at least one of the others and blog about them but even if I have nothing to report some weeks, I look forward to checking in Wednesday or Thursday to see what progress others have made so I would appreciate an open post – if you have the time to do it. Thanks.

  3. I’m going to keep updating my blog on a regularish basis – just because I will be doing embroidery or sewing almost every day no matter what 🙂

    Today’s update shows my progress on the “red” fish of the large fish cross stitch project that I started way back in 1995 or 1996 and then set aside.. till last month. I have 1 1/2 fish left to do and then the embroidery part of this project is done 🙂 http://magicalquilts.blogspot.nl/2012/11/ufo-7-red-fish.html

  4. Pretty coloured block, Sharon, I like it!=) I’m thinking of joining the CQJP 2013, but I doubt I’d be able to do it every month and am not sure if it’s required or not… Anyway, still time to consider that.

    I’ve no update this week as I haven’t done anything to show, but, yes, I’d like to have an open post as you suggested during December. I don’t have any holidays at all to observe and prepare for, so it’ll be ‘business as usual’ for me and I’d be pleased to have somewhere to report back. Having said that, it doesn’t matter if not as there’s nothing (except my own inactivity) stopping me posting my own report anyway.=) Up to you, Hun!

  5. Hi Sharon,
    The holiday season is a time when we are all busy. However, I will report on my progress, though probably sporadically, on my own blog. Should you open a post for us to add a link, I will use it.

    Here is this weeks work on the bias tape quilt and cq block:

    It is easy to see the blue sky and fantastic Camellia bush with all its flowers in your new October block. Have fun!

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