Buttonholed Herringbone stitch

Buttonholed Herringbone stitch

Buttonholed Herringbone is a composite stitch that I often get asked about. As the name suggests, it consists of a foundation of herringbone stitch which is then buttonholed.

Buttonholed Herringbone 1

First, work a line of herringbone in a fairly solid thread such as perle 5. If you need a refresher on how to work herringbone follow the link to see a tutorial.  You will also find buttonhole as well.

Buttonholed Herringbone 2

Use a blunt-ended needle for the second thread so that you do not split the foundation herringbone stitches.

Bring your needle out at the base of the row of herringbone. Then work buttonhole stitch using the herringbone stitches as the foundation.

Note: you are not passing your needle through the fabric.

Buttonholed Herringbone 3

Work buttonhole stitches along the bar until they are snug.

Buttonholed Herringbone 4

When you reach the top of the bar, pass the needle under the cross of the herringbone stitch and work a single buttonhole stitch.

Buttonholed Herringbone 5

Then continue on the downward bar once again, working enough buttonhole stitches until they are snug.

Buttonholed Herringbone 6

When you reach the bottom of the bar, pass the needle under the cross of the herringbone stitch and work a single buttonhole stitch.

Continue in this manner until the foundation herringbone stitches are covered in buttonhole stitches.

Buttonholed Herringbone 6

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Happy stitching!


  1. 2018 Stitch #32 – https://www.thecrafties.com/2018/12/2018-tast/

    That was my last stitch! I was able to complete all of TAST in 2018! Thank you so very much Sharon. I am ever grateful for your site and putting this challenge together. I will turn my pennants into bunting and send you the final link when I get that accomplished. I’ll let my embroidery guild use it when we host tables at events as well.

    My schedule is changing a bit for 2019, but I will certainly play along when I can. Happy New Year!

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