Wrapped Coral Stitch

Wrapped Coral stitch

Wrapped Coral stitch is also known as Coral knot with an extra wrap. It is a variety of Coral Stitch that produces a thick bobbly line, ideal for surface embroidery. Wrapped Coral is quick to work, creating a knotted line that can be mistaken for a line of French knots. Wrapped Coral stitch follows a curve well and is great to use along the edge of items.

I go through phases of working this stitch. Then I rediscover it and ask myself why I don’t simply use it all the time.

I usually use a twisted thread, such a cotton perle #5 and work the stitches close together so the knots look like a string of beads.

How to work Wrapped Coral Stitch

wrapped coral stitch step 1Work this stitch from right to left and it is most effective if you work the knots close together.

Bring your thread out on the right-hand side and make a small coral knot. If you need a refresher on how to hand embroider coral stitch I have a tutorial here

wrapped coral stitch step 2Once you have made the first coral stitch, slide the needle under the bar of thread that sits to the right of the knot and then take your thread through.

wrapped coral stitch step 3Take your thread around the knot. This is the ‘wrap’ — hence the name. Make another coral stitch and continue down the line.

 wrapped coral stitch step 4

This is a quick and effective linear stitch which has an interesting texture. It follows a curve well.

wrapped coral stitch step 5

I hope you enjoy experimenting with Wrapped Coral Stitch.

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  1. Thank you so much, Sharon, for giving us the opportunity to win a set of your ‘delicious’ stencils. I have been drooling……for a while now. What a wonderful invention for all of us CRAZY quilters. I’m always fretting over uneven stitches – but hate to make marks that might not be correct. These will totally solve my problems! Congratulations on a great idea. Pam Forristall – Fort Collins, CO


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