Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Err… Shuffle feet in a embarrassed manner…

I dont have Work in Progress Wednesday report because …

I have been busy getting orders out for my sets of crazy quilting stencils! I underestimated how many people would want these templates and was more than a little swamped. The good news is back orders have been filled and I have more available!

You can get them from the page that gives information about them imaginatively titled Crazy Quilting Stencils

stencils  unpackaged

This is what I have been doing. The CQ templates arrive like this.

packing CQ stencils up

I package them up in of sets of 4

cq stencils ready to post All back orders are now filled so hopefully I can take time out this coming week to do some stitching!

If you are not sure what I am talking about see my Crazy Quilt stencils page.

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  1. Packaging up stencil sets could be classed as work in progress, I think. I love mine – I was quick enough to get my order in when your first posted so I’ve been using them for a few weeks.

    Marilyn in Alberta
    1. I agree completely with Marilyn! It may not be needle and thread, but it is still work in progress, and it’s even stitching related work in progress!
      Thank you so much!


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