Work in Progress block 36 done!

Work in Progress block 36 done!

crazy quilt block 36It seems to have taken an age but I can finally give you a work in progress report to say that block 36 is done!

Since releasing my CQ stencils  I have not had a lot of time to stitch. I am not complaining but his block has taken an age to get to this stage.

Click on the block to see a larger version and below I have a few details to share as I know readers like to see them.

This forst detail is of a lace motif I hand dyed and then after stitching it to the block I added some beads.

crazy quilt block 36 detail 1

This next detail is a series of scallops that I created by using my CQ stencils as a template. At each point is a Fargo Rose. If you want to know how these are worked follow the link to my  tutorial on how to stitch a Farago rose

crazy quilt block 36 detail 2

The next detail was also created by using my CQ stencils as a template. The spacing on the templates are designed to be used with items like buttons and beads.

crazy quilt block 36 detail 3

I enjoyed using the templates for the buttonhole wheels and the heart shape too.

crazy quilt block 36 detail 4

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  1. Wow, Sharon, this one is breath-taking. For me, anyway, as I prefer the softer colours and monochrome scheme. I love all your gorgeous braids too, and wish I had a fraction of them. But it’s OK, I’ll admire yours instead,

    I can see how much you use your stencils and I want to tell you I do too. They are great for getting spacing right, and much easier than the ruler and pencil I was using.


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