My new workspace!

My new workspace!

Have you ever been really busy then caught a cold or some minor ailment then the minute you get over it you decide you really need to blitze the place and clean up? That is what happened to me this week.

I have been busy with running two online classes back to back, and getting out the orders for my CQ Stencils. My textile work space got itself in real mess! I had hauled out all sorts of stuff and not put it away. As I was doing a tidy up I decided that I wanted to move my desk under the window to catch the winter sun. I also decided that I should make more room for journalling and drawing as this is developing into another area of interest. I know I don’t need another area of interest but that is what has happened. That aside I needed to re-organise a bit and that is how I have been spending my time.

I know people love seeing how other organise their work space. I thought I would share mine.

I know many people stitch on their lap in front of the TV but this is where I stitch. I am fortunate enough to have a room that is separate from family activity although I do have a corner in the family room with my chair and favourite light that I stitch in too.

I feel its important to me to have a room if possible because it means I can work on a project and leave it overnight to return in the morning with everything as I left it. I don’t have to waste time putting stuff away or getting it out. It means if I have spare half hour or so I simply walk in my room and do a little work. All these moments of work mount up. They are only a few moment here and there that are saved but it is one of the reasons I do manage to get things done.

studio storage 4This bookcase holds beads, lace, threads and the like. The Flip folders and files are filled with documentation on various stitches also collected together over 30 years or so. Next to the book shelf  is a rack of wire baskets that hold my CQ stash. Most of it is stored sorted to colour. It is all easily seen and easily accessible.

studio storage  3This is one side of the room. The bench is at standing height with a basket storage system underneath it. These baskets hold more fabric. Above the bench is a pin board, which is screwed to the wall and stretches to the ceiling. I use it as a design board.

studio storage  2The desk is now under the window. I have pulled the chair away so you can see it easily.

studio storage 1On the other side of the room I have a bench which is the same height as my desk. In fact the desk and bench form a “L” shape.  The bench has a small thin shelf that holds drawing equipment which I wanted to hand. Previously it had been in a shelving unit on the other side of the room, which meant I was up and down reaching for it constantly which broke the flow of drawing and annoyed me. Hopefully this arrangement will work slightly better.


This is a mix a studio journals, journals and sketchbooks. Most of the time they are a mix of journalling genres that I have kept over the 25 years. I also have digital journals as I swing back and forth at times. I have written or drawn most days since 1989. Very rarely is there a gap.

Unfortunately these notebooks are backlit by the window but many of the back ones are large A4 (similar to US letter) size. The front stacks of journals are A5 or about 6×8 inches.  You can get a sense of scale if you look at the coffee mug of  pens, sitting on the table.

So that is the long story the short story is that I dont have a work in progress report but I have been doing something!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on workspaces Sharon.
    I am just about to start building my ‘Girl’s Shed’ and am rethinking the type of furniture I will use given your move to more drawing space. Probably best to have furniture that can adapt to new interests!

  2. Perhaps the break afforded by the cold/bug gives one chance to realise just how much needs sorting out, whereas one’s normally too busy for it?? Or perhaps it’s just that enthusiastic rush of activity that often accompanies feeling better.=)

    Loved looking into your workspace. It’s much bigger than my little room, but then I don’t have as much fabric stash (although I’m planning in another engorgement of thread stash just as soon as I get some colour details back from the manufacturers…), so I don’t need to worry. I love my little room and I suppose the lack of space sort of demands self control in buying (i.e. don’t!) and self discipline in keeping it tidy (or I can’t find anything or move!)

    Here’s my latest WIPW post:
    My second recently! I’m getting slowly back on with the sampler, but itching to do other things as well/instead!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your work space. Organization is one of the loves of my life and I too change my work area as my interests change. I find that an organization spurt will increase both my creativity and production.


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