Work in Progress Wednesdays

Work in Progress Wednesdays

I have to admit to no work in progress report this week. I have had not time for stitching.

I was floating along thinking I had various to do lists associated with our trip under control. I was feeling quite organised until I started to do our tax (it falls due while we are away) tax always does me in big time . BLAH!!

Then perhaps it was looking at the date that did me in but I realised I had lots to do and not many days to get it done in. I have travel type jobs. Each are little in themselves but when you have to go here and there to do them. The time it all takes tallies up. It’s all odd job stuff  like converting currency to take with us, we have to vote (because there is an election in Australia while we are away), I am finishing off a website that I have recently built and attending to the last minute things like the domain transfer, my daughter and also my house sitter is coming home next week so er.. hum.. clears throat in an embarrassed manner,  I have to clear her room of all my junk as I am inclined to use it as a dump space while she is away. Oh and yes I have to pack – yes must remember to take some clothes… and there is lots of blog pre-writing to do.

So that is my excuse I figure doing my tax trumps all in the excuse arena but I am opening up this post so those people who have done some stitching can brag about it. I will do this every week so that those who are working on largish projects can still be ‘accountable’

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  1. I’ve nothing to share either, but I do know what preparing for an long trip entails. Even worse, we had to put all our stuff into storage when we went as we refused to waste thousands on rent for the year. We moved elsewhere on return as it happens, so it was a good decision.=) I also e-bayed a lot of things and did a lot of clearing out…

    Bon courage, as our French friends say.=)

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