Work in Progress Wednesday Block 41 done

Work in Progress Wednesday Block 41 done

Block 41 doneOnce again I am exited to report that I have done block 41 in my Lace quilt and I would like to share it with my readers. If you click on the thumbnail you will be taken to larger view of the block.

I found working gin the stronger colours a lot more fun and enjoyed stitching the large floral spray that creeps up the block spilling over the seams and into a number of the patches. I used Up and down feathered buttonhole again. It is TAST stitch 61 and is proving to be a wonderfully versatile stitch.

The middle of each flower I attached a domed sequin. Some people think sequins are tacky but I like thee at they are a bronze and being in a dome shape look very different to normal sequins. The lace flowers are hand dyed. I dipped them in at the same time as I dyed the peril #5 thread I used on the block.

Block 41

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  1. This new block is a joy to look at. The up and down buttonhole with beads and flowers is lovely, but I also like the lace ornament with beads at the right side. Very elegant!

    I still have no focus to experiment with TAST stitches, but stitching the names of the TAST 2012 stitches on the front side of my fabric book in backstitches was easy enough. The front side of my cover is finished, I wrote about it on my blog:

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