Closed Base Needlewoven Picot Tutorial

Closed base needlewoven picot or needlewoven picot leaf  stitch when complete is very leaf like so you can use it any floral motif. This is a stitch that stands proud of the fabric and people find it amusing and cute. It takes a little time to work and quite a bit of thread but it is worth it when you see people reach to touch it.

This is a closed base needlewoven picot. You can make them quite long and they look very effective if worked on mass. If you work them in a circle they form flower like petals.

Use a blunt tapestry needle so that as you weave the threads you do not split the threads by accident.

How to work Closed base Needlewoven Picot

Closed base needlewoven picot stitch 1


Place a pin in your work with the pin emerging from the fabric where you want the base of your picot to be.

Closed base needlewoven picot stitch 2
Bring the thread out at the base to the right of the pin. Take the thread up and behind the pin side as illustrated.

Closed base needlewoven picot stitch 3
Bring the thread out, a little to the left, at the base of where the pin emerges from the fabric. Take the thread and wrap it behind the pin.

Have the thread cross the pin so that it wraps from the left side under the pin to the right as illustrated.

Closed base needlewoven picot stitch 4
Begin weaving at the top by sliding the needle from the right to the left, picking up the two outer threads. You do not pick up the middle thread.

Pull the thread through firmly but not too tight. Turn the needle and continue weaving by sliding the needle from left to right picking the middle thread. The two outer threads are not picked up.

Closed base needlewoven picot stitch 5Pull your thread through and continue in this back and forth motion. As you weave use the needle to pack the picot so that it firm.

Closed base needlewoven picot stitch 6Continue weaving until the picot is packed firmly to the base.

Take the thread to the back and secure with two small back stitches.

Closed base needlewoven picot stitch

Remove the pin and you have a freestanding needle woven closed base picot.

It looks like a leaf that stands proud of the fabric!

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35 Responses to Closed Base Needlewoven Picot Tutorial

  1. Kathy says:

    Here is the closed base needlewoven picot. I liked this stitch.

  2. libbyQ says:

    i’ve managed to get a bit more stitching onto my wonderful husband’s christmas stocking using this stitch.
    if interested in seeing:


  3. With all the hassle of changing my website adress, I forgot to share my last TAST stitches
    And this week stitch
    I really love dimensional embroidery 🙂

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Due to teaching commitments, I was way behind on my TAST! But, now I’m good again. You can find my latest addition to the mandala on:
    Best wishes, Jessica

  5. Liz Eph says:

    hiya everyone, another steep learning curve 🙂 xx liz xx

  6. Faith says:

    “I haven’t had a lot of time to play the TAST” should be “I haven’t had a lot of time to play with TAST stitches”

  7. Faith says:

    I haven’t had a lot of time to play the TAST, but I have managed to do a little of all the stitches I missed. I’ll try to get to see everyone else’s posts later this weekend or during the week… depends on how my computer behaves.

  8. Annet says:

    I’ve stitched a few closed base woven picots next to the drizzle stitches on my grey linen sampler:

  9. Maureen bond says:

    I made some beetles which are at
    Nice stitch.

  10. Laurel says:

    Hi All – Here’s my example of the Woven Picot (slightly blurry – sorry). Sharon – I look forward to next year’s design challenge.

  11. Hi Sharon,
    I have started working on this stitch, my trials are on my blog.
    Thank you,

  12. Isabelle says:

    Hi everybody,
    This time, I am not late for the chalenge. you will find my work here

  13. Hi Sharon, I’ve only done a small example this week !
    Been so busy ! My son left this morning bound for the caribbean on a cruise ship, playing in a band and will be gone for 5 months ( crying !!!) Do better next week !!!
    Chris Richards

  14. Luiz Vaz says:

    Hi Sharon & Friends, my posts for the stitches 40 & 41.
    Lots of fun! Thank you all 😉

  15. Carol Harper says:

    Wasn’t easy to find a pin in my house long enough to weave around but I finally settled on a flat-headed flower pin usually used in quilting. A little awkward but it worked! Here is my set of gour woven picot “leaves”:

  16. Claudia says:

    This is a wonderful stitch, I like all dimensional stitches. Sure I will use it again. Thanks for sharing, Sharon. Here is my attempt:

  17. crazypatch says:

    I love this stitch (base closed and non closed) and ????I am delighted that the Tast continue Next year.

  18. Lucy Landry says:

    I had to work fast this week as tomorrow I am headed to Houston, TX for the International Quilt Festival. I am so excited to be going.

    I love the texture and dimension of this stitch and I am happy that the challenge will continue on. Thanks Sharon

  19. Debbie says:

    Early this week! – here is my sample of the closed base needlewoven picot stitch:

  20. Of course not ready to post anything. This is just to say, “I LOVE this stitch! I am sooooo excited about all these dimensional stitches!!”

  21. Bernice Odom says:

    This was a great stitch…I really enjoyed doing it. For my quilt block I tacked the end down.

  22. Annet says:

    There’s only one wonky old stitch in my post today, so I shared a few other details on my doodle cloth:
    This week I have an almost new stitch to learn!

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