How to hand embroider Raised Herringbone Band

raised herringbone band sampleRaised Herringbone Band is one of those stitches you look at in a stitch dictionary but don’t get around to trying, then when you do, you wonder why it took so long to explore! Raised Herringbone Band built up in layers. It looks complex but in fact is relatively simple. First a layer of Satin stitch then a line of herringbone that is laced. You can change threads and you can also vary  the width of the band. Also you can work the band on a gentle curve.  It is a very effective border and quite complete in itself.

raised herringbone band sampleIt is interesting to work this stitch in different threads. I did a sample with a foundation of gold thread which looked great but it impossible to photograph!

How to work Raised Herringbone Band

The sample has the foundation row worked in perle 8, the herringbone worked using 6 threads of stranded cotton floss and it is laced with a chenille thread

raised herringbone band 1First lay down a band of Satin stitch. Satin stitch is in my stitch dictionary if you need to know how to work it follow the link to a tutorial.

raised herringbone band 2Next work a line of Herringbone stitch. When working make sure the herringbone stitches are a little loose as lacing will tighten the stitches.

raised herringbone band 3Lace the herringbone foundation stitches as shown in the illustration.

Bring the needle out at the base of the row. Thread the needle under the herringbone in an upward direction then move across the crossed bars of the herringbone turn the needle and thread in an downward direction.

raised herringbone band 4Repeat this motion under, up and over and under again type motion along the line of Satin Stitch.

raised herringbone band 5My tip is dont pull too tight  just relax and lace the threads.

raised herringbone band 6

I hope you enjoy Raised Herringbone Band. As I say experiment with different threads particularly at the lacing phase as this stitch  lends itself to lots of interesting textures and variety.

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35 Responses to How to hand embroider Raised Herringbone Band

  1. Laurel says:

    Both my cameras have broken down, so I’m not able to post. However, I still follow as much of these wonderful projects as I can. But, I have to say that, although I appreciate the creativity of individual sites, I find those who have “Stitchin Finger” sites much easier to follow and respond to. Only 1 longon, 1 password, no verification. So, although I look at and admire everyone’s work, I may only comment to those posting to their accounts on “Stitchen Finger.” Good stitching to all! Laurel

  2. I tried a spiders web for this stitch. Metallic thread is always tricky to work with but seemed appropriate in this case!

  3. Diane says:

    Here’s my cloth to date for 2013.
    I hope they catch the thief. An awful feeling of personal invasion when your bag is snatched. I hope no one was endangered.

  4. Annet says:

    I’m happy to say I like this stitch now! I wrote about my experiments on my blog:
    And I wrote a tutorial for a variation, a raised twisted lattice band:

  5. Claudia says:

    I’m very sorry about the theft of your bag!
    I added this decorative stitch to my stitch book:

  6. Carol Harper says:

    I sure hope they found the thief and your property. I know how you feel as my purse/handbag was stolen when we lived in London and it had ALL my ID in it, on a holiday week, when the Embassy was closed and their computer system wasn’t working. That stolen passport still haunts me 30 years later when I have to go through customs/immigration here in the US.

    Here is my stab at Raised Herringbone:

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Sorry for your loss of valuble things. you are really great to think about this challenge at this moment. you are a fine person.
    Thank you,
    my experiments-

  8. Good evening, everyone! I am sorry to hear about the theft. I hope you were able to cancel everything before someone used the credit cards.

    The following is my stitch 51 sample. Take care, okay?


  9. Luiz Vaz says:

    Sharon, so sorry about your bag…
    my post for stitch 51.
    Tank you all

  10. Hello Sharon
    I am so sorry to ear about yourbag. I hope it’s end well.
    This year, I’ll try to do a stitch book with the tast stitches. Here are the first stitches:

  11. Shami Immanuel says:

    I have given the wrong link. Sorry. My correct link for the sample is here:

  12. Anneliese says:
    So sorry about the theft. Sometimes it ends well – I am hoping for you.
    I like the new stitch 51.

  13. Shami Immanuel says:

    Sorry to hear about the theft. I hope you will get everything back soon.Happy to learn new stitches and my trials are here

  14. Nancilyn says:

    Despite being bummed out over the theft, I was able to have fun making a motif from the Raised Herringbone Band. Let’s call it a chameleon. Also posted is a section of the sampler that includes the 3 previous stitches.

  15. Liz Eph says:

    Sorry to hear about the theft. What a to-do.

    Here is my little effort which I really enjoyed doing 🙂

  16. Magical says:

    Oh dear – that’s really bad news – I hope some if not all of it is found again (yes I know slim chance but I do hope it for you)

    My TAST project is the 4th down on my update post:

  17. I have posted my sample to my blog, along with how I worked the variations and added the image to the Flickr group.



  18. Suztats says:

    So sorry to hear your bag was stolen. I remember the awful sinking feeling I had when my wallet was stolen. Such a hassle to stop all the credit cards and get them re-issued. I lost a lot of identification items, too. I hope at least some of the items are found and returned to you.

  19. shirley says:

    What a terrible thing to happen to you. It must be very stressful for you at this time, so thank you so much for still thinking of us.

  20. Doreen Parker says:

    Sorry to hear about the theft of your hand bag.
    Best Wishes Doreen.

  21. Barbara/Hopscotch says:

    Something other than a sample!
    I just felt like a change . Here’s the start of adding my stitches.


  22. Marysia says:

    how awful for you Sharon.
    Hope you get everything replaced as soon as possible.
    Yet you still think of us.

  23. Angela says:

    Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear about the theft! That sucks! Thank you for still doing the TAST this week. My take on it can be seen at

  24. Juno says:

    So sorry to read about your robbery. It can be such a bind when this kind of things happens. I hope that you get it sorted out quickly. Take care and my thoughts are with you.

  25. Annet says:

    How terrible, I’m so sorry for you. Like Carolyn I hope you get your things back.

    Here’s my weekly post with old stitches:

  26. Isabelle says:

    hello Sharon,
    really sorry to read that your bag was stolen.
    I hope you get it back soon.

  27. Margaret says:

    sorry to hear about your bag Sharon, credit cards can be replaced but I am sure you had personal things in there too which mean so much to you.I suppose there is not much chance of it being found but maybe you will be lucky, the valuables would have gone but other things could come back to you.

  28. What a co-incedence dear. Me too last my camara, so not able to post my week stitch 49 and 50. I finished it. Soon i will get a new camara and upload it. I am happy following your TAST.

  29. Hopscotch/Barbara says:

    What rotten luck, Sharon. I do hope you get your things back!

  30. Faith says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry about your bag. I hope you are able to keep the hassle to a minimum and suffer no serious consequences from the loss.

  31. I am so sorry to hear about the theft. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get everything back.
    Trust you to have a back-up stitch for us.
    Best wishes.

  32. OMG, that is one of my worst fears. Sharron I am so sorry, I do hope you get your things back. (I’m off to photocopy the contents of my wallet.)

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