Work in Progress Wednesdays

Crazy quilted Hussif in progressI started on one of the inside pockets of my Hussif. There are two pockets this size. As you can see I have started  on the embroidery and  this floral spray will feature Woven trellis stitch flowers.

What have you done this week towards your stitching goals?

Leave a comment and let us know.
As a side note for those interested in the mini challenge:

The idea is that people design their own sewing caddy or hussif in any style of quilting or embroidery. The is no deadline.  I presented some informal guidelines here.
One of the challenges this year on CrazyQuilting International is to create a hussif you may want to combine the two challenges. If you are a crazy quilter and working a hussif dont forget my give away tutorial on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams

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11 Responses to Work in Progress Wednesdays

  1. Janie says:

    Lovely work Sharon.
    I have added trims and a little embroidery.
    Mainly I am experimenting with my new Quilting tool I got in the mail yesterday, Sew Red glasses. They help you see contrast.
    They are here, .
    Contrast is what makes your quilt stand out in a crowd.

  2. Your hussif is working up into an amazing project, Sharon!

    Here’s the latest my WIPW piece:

  3. Anne Rhodes says:

    Please. Where can I find instructions on the woven trellis flowers?

  4. Annet says:

    Fun to see you got inspired by this weeks TAST stitch, they look great with the beads (or French knots?). I didn’t start a new WIPW project after finishing my TAST 2012 fabric book, so no progress on my blog this week.

  5. Angela says:

    I have made some good progress on my bead journal project. I really enjoyed using some of the beaded stitches you have taught us!

  6. queeniepatch says:

    That pocket is too nice to be on the inside! The Trellis stitch is beautiful and I can not wait to try it out.
    In the meantime here is the report on the Cushion, the TAST reference chart and a new WIP!:

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Your woven trellis flowers looks lovely. I used them on feather stitches on my floral spray on my hussif. my tunic project was completed. looking for idea to use this week’s stitch , I am enjoying designing for TAST challenge after taking your class.
    Thank you,

  8. Pamela says:

    I’ve made a little progress on my tablecloth. I plan to get back to my hussif this week.


  9. Hi,
    Wednesday again and I have made some progress and added another project to to the list.
    Have a good week.

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