Seam Details 575 – 80 from crazy quilt block 88

Crazy quilt block 88 of I Dropped the Button Box Quilt At the end of last year I shared a free pattern for block 88 on my I dropped the Button Box quilt. If you missed it you will find the free pattern here.

Today I hope to share in closer detail some of the stitches and techniques I used when I decorated this block.

If you click on the photo of the block you can see a larger version of it.

Seam detail 575 is a line of hand embroidery that runs diagonally across the block. I worked the line in cotton perle #5. It is a small experiment in  Knotted Zig Zag chain which I have not yet documented. I found the directions for this stitch in Jacqueline Enthoven’s The Stitches of Creative Embroidery. If you have a copy, the directions are on page 163.

Crazy quilt hand embroidery detail

Seam detail 576 is Cretan stitch worked in rayon ribbon floss.

Crazy quilt hand embroidery detail

Seam detail 577 is another experiment as I used a fine ribbon to work herringbone stitch before decorating the row of stitches with seed beads and straight stitches.

Crazy quilt hand embroidery detailSeam detail 578 is a line of feather stitch that I decorated with novelty buttons. Each is in the shape of a flower.

Crazy quilt hand embroidery detailSeam detail 579 is a band of vintage lace that is in the top left hand corner of the block. This lace was actually damaged and I hid the damage by beading the flower motif which is part of the pattern in the lace.

Crazy quilt hand embroidery detail Seam detail 580 is another button cluster. Both modern and antique buttons are on this block.

Crazy quilt hand embroidery detail I hope you have enjoyed seeing these crazy quilt seam decorations in closer detail, as this article is part of a series that regularly offers a free block patterns and techniques for readers to enjoy and perhaps pick up some tips in the process. .

Each block is listed on the CQ details FAQ page.

I dropped button box quilt

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5 Responses to Seam Details 575 – 80 from crazy quilt block 88

  1. Pam Kellogg says:

    This is another lovely block Sharon. I tend to go for the pastel colors!

  2. Patty j. says:

    Seam detail info for block 88 is fantastic and helpful. Thank you

  3. Renee says:

    This is such a gorgeous block! I love all of the close ups to admire the wonderful details. Beautiful, beautiful work!

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