I have come to a screaming halt …

I have come to a screaming halt …

Mobility and most of what I do has come to a screaming halt as I have put my back out. I am standing at the key board to write this! Expect me to be out of action for about a week.

I am still approving sign ups on the Stitchin Fingers forum and we now have a community of 240 people! It has a very nice feel about it and I think its going ot be one of favourite places.


  1. I feel your pain! My back stays permanently out coz L1 thru L3 have fused naturally. I am off of sewing for awhile with a radial nerve something or other. May not get May TIF done until June. Enjoy the pain meds!

  2. Take it easy, Sharon and I hope the back is better soon.

    Stitchin Fingers is certainly off to a flying start, at the moment it feels rather like a big gathering with everyone catching up with old friends and starting to make new ones.
    Best wishes, Carol-Anne

  3. Rest up and relax – very hard I know with a back problem… The community is growing like topsy and I agree it has a lovely feel about it… I likened it to going on camp – meeting up with familiar friends in another place… You take care now…

  4. Hope you are back on your feet (or rather – able to sit down again) soon. thanks for starting stitchin fingers – it looks like it is shaping up to be a very exciting place. Ive already found new blogs and made new friends (spending more time typing than stitching though!)

  5. I know how you feel. I had a back injury at Easter time and I need to go and do some stretching now as I can feel it after sitting on the laptop all morning doing uni work. I found the treatment and cracking of my physio gave a great deal of relief, as well as the drugs!!(anti inflammatries that is)

  6. I empathise Sharon. It’s hard to know what to advise, everyone’s body is different.My solution has been bed rest, pain relief as often as you need it and GENTLE physiotherapy, preferably from a woman practitioner who doesn’t treat you like an injured sportsman who needs brusque treatment! Time hopefully will heal, in the meantime, lay flat and read a novel!

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