Work in Progress and News for the CQ community

Work in Progress and News for the CQ community

News: Bloggers who Embellish Ring is moving

First up I have some news for the CQ community online as I had an email from Mary Frances Main of Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt to let me know she is moving the Bloggers who Embellish Ring

The group will still be called “Bloggers who embellish” it will just “live” with another webring management site. So you will have to go through the process to set up a new account, register your website, get and paste new code. Here is where you go to join and contact Mary Frances Main of Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt if you have any problems.

Eye Candy Alert
Also while you are on her blog I have a further eye candy alert as Mary Frances has posted images from 5 Crazy Quilts at the Denver Art Museum You can read about it on her blog

Work in Progress report

I have another work in progress report. Two more blocks for my Diamond block quilt are complete.

Both blocks include more fabrics from men ties and throughout this quilt if a fabric is patterned piece I have chosen a paisley design of some sort. I think when the quilt is finished people will enjoy all the varieties of paisley fabrics.

This is a detail which highlights feather stitch worked in rayon embroidery floss and beaded.

As usual if you click on the images you can go to a larger version and when on that page click on the magnify glass icon in the top right to see things even larger.

The second block is in a similar colour scheme.

People often say when they look at my quilts they often feel they have seen everything … then they notice something else … and something else and so on. One of the ways I create this effect is often I will work a seam in similar tones.

Firstly it adds visual texture without garishness and secondly it makes for a surprise when spotted. The beaded ric-rac detail is an example of this. Because it is not high contrast it will hide until someone takes the time to discover it.

The second detail is of half buttonhole wheels and a variety of Wheatear stitch. Instead of using chain stitch down the core I substituted it with oyster stitch. The line of oyster stitch is worked in a hand dyed variegated silk thread and links have been laced with a different cotton thread.

Just as a reminder the quilt will be set like this. These are the crazy quilt blocks pieced but yet to be embroidered and embellished. I took a photo to see how it would work. The quilt will cover the top of a single bead. I have been slowly but steadily embroidering and embellishing blocks. It has been a slow process.

The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

Posts on How to assemble a Crazy Quilt which include;

Online Crazy Quilting Classes:

Just a quick reminder for those who are interested in taking a class with me. You will find all my classes listed under the top tab imaginatively titled Classes online you will also find information on how online classes are run.

Family News a trip to New Zealand

Tomorrow I will be going to New Zealand to take a little break and see Eve. I have the TIF post for tomorrow pre written and hopefully it should be published automatically. I will be not be regularly blogging for 10 -14 days.

Eve is back on her feet and returned to training/ performing with her ankle heavily strapped) and if I get the chance I post circus and holiday pics.


  1. Elaine – Sorry I have not been prompt to answer your question I am in New Zealand taking a short break. I will measure the blocks when I get home. As to your second question yes I do back them – I also have batting in between too a bit like a regular quilt that way.

  2. Sharon, what size have you made these blocks? I’m putting together the base blocks for one of these quilts for my sister (she’s the crazy-quilter) and I’m trying to calculate how large they should be. Also, do you back the blocks with something? Or do you sew the pieces to a backing as you go? Or ???

  3. Oh, that embellished rickrack is nice. I may owe you an apology; I’ve avoided your blog for a long time since I heard of it, as I don’t want to do crazy quilts; too many of them (and other collage-based artforms!) just remind me of the appalling clutter on my sewing table. Now I’ve realized, looking at your work, that the individual seam treatments can be lovely . . . and that rickrack would look so nice on a casual tunic-blouse! Now I have to go back through your quilt and see what else you’ve done. Also, thanks for the link to the sampler book a couple days ago!

  4. Just a note to let you know once again how very much I appreciate seeing your latest work, your WIP. There’s enough visual art at your blog to keep me occupied studying it for years to come. And you keep posting! Such an inspiration you are!

  5. “The quilt will cover the top of a single bead”

    Damn, that’s either a really teensy quilt or a really big lampworked honker of a bead…

    But seriously, those blocks are beautiful. I really like the subtle details- they add such richness without being garish.

    Laurie Brown
  6. I just looked through all the pictures, Sharon. This is going to be so cool! For the first time I realize that each of the blocks seems to have a garden theme. Have you mentioned that? If so, sorry, must have been sleeping in class that day!!

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