Work in Progress report

Work in Progress report

I hope people are still enjoying these diamond blocks. I am in a little bit of a routine with them now. Here are the next few. As usual if you click on the images you can go to a larger version and when on that page click on the magnify glass icon in the top right to see things even larger.

I enjoyed this blue one and had fun with a the silk ribbon roses and beads embellished over this hand dyed lace.

The next seam is also a lace treatment. As you can see it was dyed in the same dye batch and I have included some long bugle beads, some novelty butterfly beads to add an bit extra to the silk ribbon roses.

This next block is of a totally different colour scheme and is fairly simple

You can see in this close up that I have zig-zag chain over some ric-rac. I have embellished this further with seed beads and then topped off the hills with alternating flower motifs. The first is made made of cast-on stitch the second four french knots. The other blue and less obvious seam is a simple treatment of chevron stitch.

This seam has little embroidery stitches in it. First I established the pattern with a row of beads then I couched a red metallic braid in a zig zag line. I then added more beads.

The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

Posts on How to assemble a Crazy Quilt which include;

Online Crazy Quilting Classes:

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  1. Hi Sharon…I’ve been following your diamond block series…and love each one you share!
    Can imagine that the finished quilt will be totally awesome. I’m sure I’ll spend hours looking over it…just like I did with the Button Box! Love your creative insight & always in awe of your talent!

  2. I see now better what you were asking. Yes I did piece all the blocks in one hit – over about a week. I always do – many Crazy quilters don’t however (I think they fear UFO’s) I feel its the best way as then I get a sense of what block is where. Anyway I always piece the lot then have this huge pile of blocks which I then slowly embellish – as you can see its quite a long process. I am about two thirds through the pile. (I never count as then I feel a bit overwhelmed about how many more blocks I have to do!)

    Actually thanks for the question as I realise I really should write a series of CQ article on crazy quilting from start to end. I think it might be on my list for next year.

  3. Thankyou Sharon for this – I did not realise that the block arrangement you showed us ages ago was the arrangement you intended to end up with – I guess thought that it was just an exercise in checking tonal values rather than an unembellished finished quilt.
    I can see that if you have worked out fairly clearly in your mind which block goes where you can then use your embellishment to add to the total design. However achieving good balance must be quite tricky. I can certainly see why it appeals to you as a design challenge – and also I can see just how extremely complex the process is. It is so tempting but much as I would like to take up such a challenge I really don’t have the time to try crazy quilting – but some insight into what goes into making one work can increase one’s appreciation of the finished quilt. thanks again – I will follow your thread once again and think about what you are doing here.

  4. Hi Marg
    You asked about “I am intrigued by how it all goes together ” and “how each seam treatment on a block combines with the treatment on the next block”
    I think I understand what you are asking – ie do I imagine the block next to the block I am working on. Well in a way I do – I took a photo of all the blocks and figured out how they will be set.
    I have the photo on my blog here.
    Crazy quilting embellishments don’t have to meet up or anything so it is more making sure I don’t step out of the tumbling block tonal range by. If need be when it comes to assembling the quilt blocks I will change the set if it reads better that way.

    “How does a crazy quilter achieve a feeling of unity with embellishment”
    In way that is huge topic because its to do with the design not only of block but of the quilt and getting the eye to flow over the quilt – My Encrusted Crazy quilting lessons are about that very question and they print out to 220 pages. So I am not fudging just saying that design skills pay a really important part in this.

    In fact when I first looked at crazy quilting I thought that it would be real easy then I started to do it and found juggling all the elements from a designers eye became one of the most interesting design challenges I had ever done.

    By then I was hooked and still am – it’s not the prettiness of crazy quilting that attracts me it’s the design challenge of balancing so many competing elements that never fails to fascinate me. Every block is different and every quilt is fascinating.

  5. Truly gorgeous Sharon – however not being a quilter I am intrigued by how it all goes together – not the actual blocks which you have shown us – but how each seam treatment on a block combines with the treatment on the next block- does that make sense? I guess – I am trying to ask does your decision making for each block treatment need you to have decided in advance whcih blocks it will join? How does a crazy quilter achieve a feeling of unity with embellishment?

  6. Paula
    I am not sure when this quilt will be done I was hoping for the end of the year but I don’t think I will make it – and life is about to get even more busy then I have Christmas. That said I guess m finish will be in the new year. I just try and do a few blocks a week and gradually it will get done.

  7. embroidering over the ric rac on the seam is a great idea – adds a lot of texture and interest. This quilt is going to be glorious when it is finished….any ideas of an end date?


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