Work in Progress

Work in Progress

It is time for another work in progress report as I have completed another couple of diamond blocks. As usual if you click on the images you can go to a larger version and when on that page click on the magnify glass icon in the top right to see things even larger.

I enjoyed this brownish block. At first I thought it would be dull because there are not very many fabrics on it and it had many dull colours in it but as soon as I found this antique button and saw it could take pride of place I was happy.

This next block is of a totally different colour scheme

I embellished this braid with bugle beads and then a row of little floral motifs. These have been created by wrapping a chain stitch around bullion stitch

The next seam is tied herringbone topped with some novelty beads.

You can see in this close up of chain stitch over some ric-rac which is used to couch down the braid. I have embellished this further with seed beads.

The last seam detail is based on a row buttonhole. I then placed a novelty flower shaped bead over a small lace flower motif to create a row of interesting texture.

On another note I posted yesterday about the options for a challenge next year. If you read the comments it’s pretty clear which it will be. I am leaving the comments and feedback open but it looks like we will be investigating slightly unusual stitches and embroidery styles.

The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

Posts on How to assemble a Crazy Quilt which include;

Online Crazy Quilting Classes:

Just a quick reminder for those who are interested in taking a class with me. You will find all my classes listed under the top tab imaginatively titled Classes online you will also find information on how online classes are run.

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  1. I often don’t like crazy quilts becuas they are so random and messy. BUt these blocks you have been showing are just well, lush! Rich and elegant and so so upmarket! Love them.

    Helen Conway

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