Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

I really hope people are not as tired of these diamond blocks as I am but have done two more diamond blocks to show you. Click on the images to go to larger size and see them closer.

These are both dark blocks. The first is more complex than the second. It looks a bit fuzzy but that is a feature of the fact that the brown paisley fabric is velvet.

As I have mentioned before the patterned fabrics on all these blocks are a paisley design. I collected paisley fabric for years.  Many of the fabrics are recycled mens ties. In the block above the brown paisley fabric is from a mans tie. The orange pattern at the end is silk received from a swap. I hope when the quilt is finished people will enjoy all the varieties of paisley fabrics.

Also there is a definite garden theme running throughout the motifs. This also relates to the Paisley as a pattern coming from India. The shape was adapted from a seed pod motif.

For those who have forgotten how these blocks will be set.

The blocks measure 15 cm (6 inches) across the middle on short crossing and 27 cm (10.5 inches) across the long section and I plan to set them in a tumbling block pattern.

I am on the homeward stretch with this and looking forward to working a square block again!

The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

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  1. Ruth – I am assuming you are talking about the buttonhole wheels that have a textured ridge around the edge.
    I used detached buttonhole in the loops around the edge of the buttonhole wheel – if you work just one row they form a ridge but you can work more to form little cups. You can fill with beads and the like – they are fun but time consuming
    I call them buttonhole cups. I have not seen them documented anywhere I just them up but I am sure someone else has had the same idea and they are called something else!

    Sharon B
  2. Sharon, I just love how this is coming along. I have been following this project with much interest as I hope to adopt the idea with another traditional quilt pattern that I’m contemplating. Thank you so much!!

    Sarah E.
  3. I love looking at your diamond blocks Sharon. I will be sad when they are done – but I know you will be glad. On another matter, I am working through the TAST stitches and I am working on buttonhole wheels. In the top photo on this page, what stitch have you used for the two dark blue wheels about 2/3 of the way along the bottom? Thank you.

    Ruth Palsson

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