Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am sure regular readers will be pleased to read that after these two blocks I only have 3 more diamond blocks to embellish.

In other words the time where I am no longer inflicting my poor readers with these is nearly up! Since this has been such a slow project I am really looking forward to assembling and completing this quilt.

I was asked last week about the size of the blocks. The blocks measure 15 cm (6 inches) across the middle on short crossing and 27 cm (10.5 inches) across the long section and I plan to set them in a tumbling block pattern.

There is a bit of a floral/garden theme running over the quilt and as I have mentioned before when I chose the fabric for these blocks if it was a patterned piece I chose a paisley design of some sort. The Paisley pattern at its history is linked to the tree of life designs so I am sure you can see the thematic connections.

As usual if you click on the images you can go to a larger version.

Enjoy and lets hope I have the last three blocks for you next week!

The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

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Online Crazy Quilting Classes:

Just a quick reminder for those who are interested in taking a class with me. You will find all my classes listed under the top tab imaginatively titled Classes online you will also find information on how online classes are run.


  1. Colleen – you asked to see my design board unfortunately the diamond blocks are long gone off the design board as really most of my designing is long done by this stage – as I worked out the set of the quilt when I pieced the blocks. The next project is on the boards – I will tell people and blog the next project too but at the moment it is still developing (actually there is two there and I am thinking about both of them – trying to decide which takes priority or weather I will work them turn and turn about)

    Sharon B
  2. Absolutely breathtaking Sharon! That’s all I can say.

    What are the chances we might get a glimpse of your design wall to date? I would love to see your finished blocks in context. I hope that’s not too brazen a request. lol I just don’t think I can wait until ur completely finished. :o)


    Colleen Rangel

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