Double Wheatear Stitch

Double Wheatear Stitch

Double Wheatear

Double Wheatear stitch is a versatile easy variety of Wheatear stitch and you can use it in organic motifs. You can vary the length of the diagonal straight stitches. Double Wheatear is great for beading and you can use many types of embroidery thread for variety. You can combine Double Wheatear with Wheatear and Whipped Wheatear stitch to depict wild grasses. You can use the different varieties of this stitch to hint at the variety of nature.

Similar to regular Wheatear stitch, Double Wheatear consists of two Vs laced together with a chain stitch at the base.

This is a versatile stitch that will follow a curve well. Once you know how the stitch is worked, you can experiment with a large variety of threads. Simply put it is fun!

How to work Double Wheatear Stitch

Work in a downward direction.

Double Wheatear step 1

Work your first V. Commence with a straight stitch worked at an angle. Make a second straight stitch and work it at the same angle. Make sure the base of the stitch meets the base of the first stitch.

Double Wheatear step 2

Bring your thread out a little below the base of the V and make two stitches to create a second V.

Double Wheatear step 3

Bring your thread out below the base of the two V stitches. Pass your needle from right to left under the two V stitches. Take care not to pick up any fabric with your needle.

Double Wheatear step 4

Pull your needle through and take it to the back of the fabric so that the thread loops in a single chain. At this point, the stitch is a Double-Detached Wheatear stitch that you can repeat and arrange in a pattern.

Double Wheatear step 5

Add another two V stitches.

Double Wheatear step 6

Bring your thread out further down the line to make the next chain loop and continue in this manner down the line.

I hope you enjoy Double Wheatear!

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Happy stitching!

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  1. This is a beautiful version of the Wheatear stitch and one I will definitely add to my collection of new stitches. Thank you for all the wonderful stitches I have learnt through your clear and easy-to-understand tutorials. You are such a good and generous teacher, Sharon.

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