Work in Progress

Work in Progress

As some regular readers will know in Australia our teaching year goes from February to November with our summer holidays falling in December and January. That means in late October and Early November is the annual examination period. It is a very busy and stressful time for both students who are of course wanting to do their best and for staff who have to assess them. So Life is busy here.  Regular readers will also know that normally about this time of year I take a week or two off blogging which I am going to do this year as well. I will of course be around to approve comments and will post the November challenge on the first. So don’t fret I am here just busy at work and I will back when it calms down a little

There has been a little stitching activity on the diamond blocks as I have hand embroidered another one. As usual if you click on the image you can see a larger version.

As you can see it is another red and blue one. The first detail is very simple.

Once again this braid has been embellished with bugle beads and a pattern of novelty beads are formed along the edge.

The last seam treatment is a line of chain stitch that has been embellished with beads.

crazy quilt block

For those who have just swung by these blocks will be set in a tumbling block pattern.

The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

Posts on How to assemble a Crazy Quilt which include;

Online Crazy Quilting Classes:

Just a quick reminder for those who are interested in taking a class with me. You will find all my classes listed under the top tab imaginatively titled Classes online you will also find information on how online classes are run.


  1. Hi Melissa I am about two thirds through I think. I actually don’t count until the pile is very little. I have this photo on this post taken when I pieced the blocks

    As you can see there are 69 blocks with 6 half blocks – I think I have another 20 or so to do. I wanted to get it done by this year but time is against that I think. Probably I will complete it in the new year

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