Another 2 Diamond blocks done

Another 2 Diamond blocks done

This is a very quick post in order to share my latest diamond blocks, before heading out to do the weekly shopping and jobs around the house like washing and cleaning. How mundane is that?

I went mad on silk ribbon roses this week.

The first block I did a spray of roses then worked over the top with beaded feather stitch. It’s made the same way as feather stitch, but as you work the stitch you thread beads on the working thread each step of the way.

This detail is how treated the ric-rac. It has a metallic thread in it which looks great in life but is the devil to photograph. (For me it is anyway) As you can see I decorated the braid with silk ribbon roses and beads.

The next block with red and gold dominating is slightly more complex and crowded.

This seam is first covered with ric-rac then embellished with various forms of chain stitch.

I started with a foundation row of buttonhole and decorated this seam with silk ribbon roses, chain stitch and straight stitch. Beads were added to give it a little lift.

This last seam treatment is also simple. Beside a braid I stitched a curved line in stem stitch and two detached chain stitches, then placed a flower shaped bead at the end.

As usual if you click on the image it takes you to a larger version and the magnify glass icon in the top right hand of the photo display area will take you to larger size still.

I am off to do my Saturday Jobs then perhaps potter in the garden. Enjoy!

The back story

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  1. Gorgeous blocks! I have got to try some silk ribbon embroidery. I’ve been enjoying playing with stitching and have a block that I’ve been tinkering with since Easter (!) that needs something more plus I’ve been hand dyeing my own ribbon but selling it all before I can play with it. Your roses are so gorgeous, I’m going to have to reserve some yardage for myself and put some on my little block to see if that is what it needs.

  2. Hi Sharon!

    I especially like the bead branches! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

    As always, I love your use of color and how you know to use the perfect shades to create the best pop against the background fabric.

    Thanks for sharing your work. 🙂

  3. I didn’t realize you’d moved. The last I heard you were deciding about a move and to which company you’d blog through. Boy, time is flying. I’ve got your new blog added to favorites (under my stitchin fingers favorites folder, of course). Enjoyed the visit.

    Will you be offering a class on project journaling again soon? I missed this last round.

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