Work in Progress

Work in Progress

I have another diamond worked. Once again it is heavily worked with silk ribbon embroidery.



As I have mentioned I am currently designing a series of Silk Ribbon Embroidery motifs that can be used of a beginners course on Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

This course is aimed at beginners with step by step instructions on how to work designs. In the process they will learn the technique too. If the course is popular I will write a second on designing motifs.

This “provide a design and step by step instructions” is a departure from my usual format but I feel with Silk ribbon embroidery there is a call for a more structured approach. I am sure experienced silk ribbon embroiders will agree that you need the basics of technique before you start designing.

Anyway its taking up quite a bit of time but I hope to have it ready for mid year.

All this is a long hand way of saying this is the reason I have only got one block done!


The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

Posts on How to assemble a Crazy Quilt which include;

Online Crazy Quilting Classes:

Just a quick reminder for those who are interested in taking a class with me. You will find all my classes listed under the top tab imaginatively titled Classes online you will also find information on how online classes are run.


  1. Hi Sherry yes I will be announcing both CD and classes when its available. I announce everything here and usually as in the case of classes I have something in the side bar.

    Sharon B
  2. Sharon….I cannot express how much your blog, stitch dictionary, on-line classes, challenges, etc. have inspired, made me get "out of my box" to "stretch" myself to try new things, and helped me develop & improve my techniques. Reading through some of your older posts tonight I found the one that you mentioned deveoping a CD on embellishing, I must express my excited anticipation to buy one! Will you post once it is available? I’m looking forward to your new on-line class, too, once it is available. Thanks again for your continuing inspiration for all of us……you are truly appreciated!

    Sherry J

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