Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

It has been a little time since I have blogged my progress with these blocks!

I stalled blogging these blocks in April.  I know it’s only last month but … I stalled because I was working on the samples for my Silk Ribbon Embroidery class which could have blogged but I did not think about it. I am still writing the lessons but they are in the last draft stage.

A personal challenge

While I was stitching, I decided I needed to challenge myself to blog what ever I have been working on. I need to do it at least once a week.  Lots of things get done around here, which never see the light of day. I have had a sampler on the go all year and not taken any photos! A visual journal is constantly tinkered with and of course there is these crazy quilted blocks which are slowly getting done.

I am fine once I establish a routine but hopeless at picking it up again when a pattern gets broken.  So I have decided even if I just do an hour’s stitching on my latest sampler I will get out the camera (not difficult) and share it (also not difficult) under the title (read habit) Work in Progress Wednesdays (not a new title but it fits). Every Wednesday I will aim to have something on the blog that I have been working on that week

I know often – particularly with a crazy quilt block I will push to get it done if I want to share it online in the morning. So I was wondering if others are the same? Do patterns and regular deadlines in your life make you more productive? Does the public nature of blogs push you to finish?  Leave a comment I would love to know.

If anyone wants to share what they have been doing feel free to leave your blog URL in a comment. To qualify all you need to have done is something in the week towards a larger piece, slow stitching goal, UFO list, stash reduction, you name it! If you feel sharing your little steps will hell propel you towards a larger goal feel free to leave a comment directing us to your blog. No need to sign up just join in. If you get stuck on what to blog about or if you put off writing about a project feel free to join in. If you are new blogger or want to de-lurk and join in here is your opportunity.

As a sign of my commitment to this challenge and personal goal  I have even created a category “Work in Progress Wednesdays”. Yes I laughed too! A category in my blog is a commitment to an idea … shakes head in dismay at myself but hay if it works …

I hope you enjoy these two latest blocks.

The blocks measure 15 cm (6 inches) across the middle on short crossing and 27 cm (10.5 inches) across the long section and I plan to set them in a tumbling block pattern


The back story

If you are interested in the back story of this quilt and seeing photos of each block as it was made browse the posts  in the Diamond block crazy quilt category

Posts on How to assemble a Crazy Quilt which include;

Online Crazy Quilting Classes:

Just a quick reminder for those who are interested in taking a class with me. You will find all my classes listed under the top tab imaginatively titled Classes online you will also find information on how online classes are run.



  1. Hi Liz and Helen – yes I agree that deadlines or agreed work in progess reports help to focus – mind you here I am faffing about online rather than taking advantage of the to stitch!

    Sharon B
  2. Good idea. I do find that I can get more done when I’m under some kind of deadline. And I will work harder to get something finished so I can post on my blog, but I never thought about doing a once-a-week in-progress post. I may join you – but don’t be surprised if I fall out. Routines/habits are much easier to break than start! Er, some of them, anyway!

  3. For work I have a nice leather filofax in which I allocate tasks to certain days and weeks rather than having a running to-do list which never ends. I have just started doing that for the myriad of textile related tasks I want to complete before I go travelling in November and also my City and Guilds work and that helps to focus me. I have also instituted Sketchbook Sunday so I have a dedicated time to work on either my studio journal or portfolio sketchbooks for my course. It also involves driving out with my husband to a nice rural coffee shop location so we get a lazy Sunday am out of it as well. He takes a book and I my basket of art stuff. I would not say shareing motivates me to finish but I do get general motivation from knowing at least a few people will be kind enough to view what I am doing.
    You can see my blog at http://www.cityandguildsembroidery.blogspot.com for recent tasks for my course.
    I am also a memeber of Twelve by Twelve and we reveal our challenge quilts bi-monthly – the next reveal of Identity themed quilts is on 1st June at http://www.twelveby12.blogspot.com . Now that blogging deadline is certainly motivational – who wants to be the only one of a close kit group to miss the deadline?!

    Helen Conway
  4. Hi Lin thanks for the lovely compliments. The seam you are talking about is done in beads and sequins. They are beads stitched on as per normal beading but with the bumpy bit at the curve it is a bead then a sequin then a bead, then a sequin then a bead again. I hope that makes sense!
    Thanks too for the compliments about my classes I really do my best to make them as good as possible so its nice to get such positive feedback.

    Sharon B
  5. Dear Sharon,
    Those blocks are so beautiful! I especially like that seam treatment on the pink block, at the base of the pink feather stitching with pearls, the one with the tan SRE leaves along one side.. Can you share what you used to make those curls – I can’t tell if it’s beads or cording. It’s so original! I always seem to gravitate more toward the seam treatments with curves than the strictly geometric ones.

    About progress in stitching – I would have to say that your Stitch Explorer definitely keeps me doing something creative. I don’t have a lot of time; I have a lot of responsibilities and sometimes a whole week goes by without stitching time (not a good week, in my opinion), so I really like the boost your challenge gives me if I can’t come up with an idea on my own of what to do. And for that, I am very grateful.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to say that your online classes are so wonderful! I’ve taken some other online classes besides yours, and they absolutely pale in comparison. You give so much information and your courses are so complete – I’m so glad I got to enjoy that….
    Happy Stitching,
    Lin Moon

  6. Your story sounds just like mine. I get into a great routine, then one thing breaks it and it’s worse than starting from scratch! I also feel sometimes that feeling the ‘need’ to blog my progress/finish is rather a big motivation. I wonder if I’d get even the little I do get done if it weren’t for good ol’ Sew in Love!

    At the mo, I’m mad busy with work – it’s exam time up here in the UK, but I do hope to have something to show soon, even if it’s ‘only’ a completed cross stitch, (and I fiercely maintain that there’s nothing wrong with cross stitch!!!). If anyone would like to visit me, there’s a link available if you just click on my name below this comment. Thanks in advance.=)

  7. Great idea! By chance I blogged about my stitching progress just recently. I am working on an assisi piece since march, and it is slow going because I am not used to counted work. iIt is here: assisi work . Scroll down my blog to see earlier stages of this piece, or click the assisi work category.
    Well, it was not posted on a wednesday and the posting has miscellaneous other stuff in it, but I’ll try to do better next time.

  8. Pauline news of your sampler progress is great – you did not leave an email so I have to ask it here and hope you return to read but do you have a flickr account or anything wher you can share a photo?

    Guzziesue I have just checked out your blog and you have indeed been busy.

    Sharon B
  9. Its the challenges that have kept me going, from take it further last year to the doodle day one this year. I even have a challenge on the go with a lacemaking blogger to learn a new style of bobbin lace. I’m taking time out to destash but have also signed up to make a book and quiltie by the end of next month… It keeps myself and I’m sure many others creating.

  10. Sharon, I have been doing the sampler along with you and so far my sampler is about 3 feet long. I just started a new panel for Jun and have decided to explore the hemstitching stitches. Woo, there sure are a lot of them. I’m taking most of them from the book "Hardanger Embroidery" by Donatella Ciotti. When I first bought this book I thought it was going to cover Hardanger which it does in a very short chapter but the rest is devoted to various hemstitching stitches along with a few projects to do.
    Thanks for keeping all of us on our toes with the various stitches.


    Pauline Keller

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