A trip of lifetime

A trip of lifetime

Make a cuppa folks as I have a bit of news. In just two weeks we are taking a trip of a lifetime. Further down in this post I tell you about what will happen to stencils sales, classes and this blog while I am away but first indulge me and let me tell you where I am going!

We leave Australia via Sydney then fly to Korea stopping in Seoul for 3 days before going to Paris. The flight between Australia and Europe is long between 22-26 hours and when you arrive your body clock is totally functioning in reverse. If we can we stop over for a few days midway between flights and then we are not so wrecked for the first week.

Next we go to Paris for a month. That is not a typo we have rented an apartment as it is a city I have always wanted to see. The last time I was there I stayed for 5 days and it simply is not enough time to see a place. I want to get past the rush and see this, rush Β and see that mentality.

I want a taste of travelling at a more realistic pace, a slower more considered pace as Paris is a city that has a lot to offer. Jerry (my husband) wants to do some photography and I am going to take my sketchbook. I have no idea if I will chicken out when I get to Paris. It is pretty brave to draw in public anywhere but to draw in one of the great Art cities of the world feels even more intimidating! I do want to do some drawing while I travel and the goal is serious one. Let’s just say to sketch in Paris is on my bucket list but now I have the chance to do it, I am feeling a little intimidated!

Over the years I have always kept a journal – daily. Much designing has gone in them but not sketching. The two are different. My drawing skills, the old fashioned, be still, observe and create a representation of what is seen is something I am very rusty at. So for the last 6 months or so I have been drawing more. I did not want to inflict my regular readers with my posts about this so to track my skill development last month I started a separate blog as I know some fiber folks want textiles and textiles only on Pintangle.

Tones and Tints screen shotTones and Tints is written purely in order to take time to think, reflect and record impressions about what ever topic has attracted my attention. It is about the visual arts and anything that catches my eye. Some readers here may like to visit it.

After our month in Paris we will be going to stay in another apartment in Arles in the South of France. We will be there for just over a week. We will hire a car for a few days and tootle around as that area has some great roman ruins and nothing sparks my imagination more than a good ruin!

Next we catch the train back to Paris and on via the tunnel to London. London is a wonderful city we too were fortunate to live there for 12 months in the 90s. We will be staying the Covent Garden area for a week before catching a train to Salisbury where we will stay in a bed and breakfast in the street behind the cathedral so hopefully a bit more sketching will go there too!

Plans are to hire a car for a few days and see more than Stonehenge. We have visited stonehenge before, but it is part of complex of prehistoric sites in the area that I would like to see more of. In that week we will also see Bath. We have been to Bath and seen the highlights but want to return and investigate more of the history of the place and draw it too of course!

Next after our week in Salisbury and surrounding districts we will catch a train back to London for our last week in the UK taking us up to the first weekend in November. Jerry is a steam car buff and he wants to see the London to Brighton steam car rally.
Then it will be time to fly back to Australia but not without stopping for 3 days in Tokyo on the way home.

What does this mean for supply of my stencils and my classes?
I will not be taking on any more classes this year. Since we get back the second week in November any class started then clashes with the holiday season in December.

As of next week I will not be taking any more orders for my stencils until I return in mid November. I will remove all paypal buttons – put notices everywhere on the blog and hopefully people will understand as I am likely to have irregular internet contact during the trip.

What does this gad about lifestyle mean for this blog?

Basically this block of time I am away will be just over 2 months. I will prewrite most posts. I aim to have at least 6 weeks of TAST prewritten so people wont miss out.

While travelling I will write about textile related travels here on Pintangle. I know that too many holiday pics on a blog can become a bit boring for some people. The first couple are interesting but after that it’s not. Pintangle will stay on topic – about textiles. Tones and Tints is my new ‘personal’ indulgence, I will probably write about my travels and share my drawings on Tones and tints.

Our daughter will look after the house while we are away. So from next week I will be in topsy turvy mode! I am very much looking forward to the break in routine as I need a holiday.


  1. My dream trip occurred in 2009. We left December 2 and landed in Sydney from California. We went to Ularu, Alice Springs, Cairns, Brisbane and back to Sydney were we caught up with family. My mum left Australia in 1945 to follow an American soldier. I was able to see the home she lived in, the Church in manly where she married and sprinkled some of her ashes on the beach in Manly. We added a short hop to Forbes were I met some distant cousins. My mother did not know her mother but thanks to Ancestry.com I found my grandmother’s, sister’s son and his daughter. When they created us at the airport I burst into tears as she looked just like my mum!! We flew back to California on Christmas day. I want to return so bad. In August of 2010 I found my father’s father’s family, they were from Dunnolly and then in January 2012 I found my father’s mother’s line in new Zealand. So while I am US born I am Aussie blood! Would love to be able to spend some time in Dunnolly as well as New Zealand. Planned on returning this year but it hasn’t worked out so far.

    1. Yes there are lots of connections between Australia and the US that many people don’t realise. Not only the war brides but people came from the Californian gold field to our gold fields too!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful trip! I came to your stir from Allie’s and ordered before I started exploring. PayPal link was still active so I hope my order goes through. If not, I will understand. Have a great time!

    Janna Strohn
  3. Wow Sharon! That IS the trip of a lifetime! I hope you have a wonderful time. I have been using my stencils along with my waste canvas technique. The stencils are awesome! I just keep them in my thread basket and use them now on every block!


  4. What a trip. It sounds exciting and I wish you all the excitement every possible. To spend time in Paris will be a every lasting experience for you and yoour hubby. The steam car ralley sounds like fun for your husband. Enjoy it all.

  5. sounds like a wonderful trip, do not think you will be in London for the Knitting and stitching show, it is Oct 10 to 13, never mind have a wonderful time and do lots of sketching.

  6. Dear Sharon, what a wonderful project. I hope you have a lovely time. I live in France and speak french. Would you like my phone number in case you get into difficulties and need someone to translate over the phone ? xx Liz xx

  7. Aside from all the usual have a great time thoughts- I mean,how could you not?- I could suggest a brief trip to 2 different spots. We took a fast train to Amboise which is the town on the Loire where Leonardo ended his days. It’s a great town in and of itself, but his house and grounds are fab. My favorite part was walking the grounds and seeing..and trying in some cases, life size models of his “inventions”! Too fun!
    The 2 nd place not to miss if possible is in angers. We also took a fast train there form Amboise. In the chateau thee is the Apocalypse tapestry that is truly an amazing thing. Truly- My husband found a small reference to it in some not quite mainstream France guide. Well worth the trip and the chateau/castle is in itself a marvel.
    My favorite place in Paris was easily the Ile de la Cite. Right behind Notre Dame is the Deportation memorial for all the Jews transported in WWII-it’s quite moving- and of curse the Cluny and the unicorn tapestries.

    I was fortunate in that I met an Internet friend there and she took me shopping in Montmarte to her favorite fabric store! It’s across the street and down about 1/2 block from Sacre Couer-I bought maybe 1/2 metre each of way too much trim! Have used most of it…..

    No more gushing-Have a great time plus all the rest- Salibbury is the “home” of Jane Lemon/Sarum group and her altar front embroideries-truly fabulous. Am so jealous and thrilled for you all at the same time!
    Be well- go safely

    Bette Kelley
  8. Thankyou everyone for all your well wishes I have an inbox full of well wishers and people offering travel tips which I will clear over the weekend but it looks like a meet up in Bath is a possibility

  9. J’habite Arles dans le sud de la France, c’est une belle ville, je suis sure qu’elle vous plaira ! Bon voyage dans notre vieille Europe !
    Profitez bien de votre voyage !

  10. Congratulations..on your travels…My son is in the military so we spent 11 days in So. Korea.. what a wonderful, beautiful place. The people were so friendly and the area is so clean and fun. We visited 3 days in Seoul, 3 days in Busan on the bay South (prettier than Hawaii) and Dageau center where he lived. Just an awesome trip. The people there were so grarcious.
    We will leave next week for Germany, where he is now living. Will take a trip to Paris, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I am so excited. If you have and fun spots for a quick visit in Paris or such let me know.
    Enjoy and staying for a month sounds the best way to visit. Maybe next year as I want to visit the UK. I too don’t like the rush of traveling but at this time that is all we can do. Farm work will start for hubby in a few weeks.
    Best wishes, keep us posted. I love all your stitching blogs.

  11. If you haven’t read Mike Parker Pearson’s new book, Stonehenge: A New Understanding, you should do that before you get to England. It contains lots of info about the surrounding sites as well.
    ISBN 978-1-61519-079-9

  12. What a wonderful, wonderful trip Sharon. You’ll both have a fantastic time! I look forward to your travel news and sketches. How lovely that you’re going to visit South West England. (I am biased as I’m born and bred here but it is a stunning part of the country!). I’d also recommend a visit to Avebury. It’s such a unique place and more interesting then the Stonehenge landscape – tons of sketching potential too. Hope you ‘ll let us know when you are planning to visit Bath – and if you include any blogger meet ups while you’re in the UK!

  13. This sounds like such a fantastic trip, I hope that you have an amazing time. I spent a month in Australia for my honeymoon and we still only just managed to do all the things we wanted to do, so I hope that you have plenty of time and wonderful experiences on your travels πŸ™‚

  14. To be honest, I’ve never got past the ‘rush’ of Paris, I always found it break neck speed stressful, but then a month is a different proposition! I like the idea of Arles and, of course, the UK. I’m still up for that afternoon tea you suggested a few years ago (when you were planning the trip before the sad loss of your mum). Just get in touch if you like. I’m now an hour further south than I used to be and not very mobile, but you never know.=)

    Have you been to Seoul before? We too called in for 3 nights on our way to Germany from Taiwan. Let me know if you want some recommendations of places to visit, esp. textile ones. The big folk museum, which is free, has something for everyone and LOTS of embroidery and patchwork pieces. I should be doing my 2nd post on Korean stuff v soon and, if you go to the folk museum, you’ll get to see them all for real.

    Oh, and, if you haven’t already, I’d recommend learning some basic French.=) Many French aren’t like other Europeans who love it if you can speak some of their language, they *expect* it!!LOL!

  15. What a lovely trip! Enjoy and please, so share a travelogue or three… I love to see places I have been through the eyes of others (we also lived in London, 1992 – 1996 and I miss it!) and I never managed to make it to Paris or Tokyo (except for their airports), two places on my bucket list…

  16. After the year you have had and all the hard work you have put in I know that you deserve this wonderful break (Jerry probably does too LOL!).

    I am sure that the desire to put what you see down on paper will help you overcome the challenge of sketching in public. What I have seen on Tones and Tints is captivating.

    Have a GREAT time and ENJOY πŸ™‚

    Travel safe and take care


  17. That sounds like a brilliant trip and it’s great that you’re spending some time in each place and also getting out of the capitals to see more of the countries. The South of England is beautiful and I think you’ll find yourselves wanting to come back and see more of it. Will you go to the Fashion Museum in Bath? You could meet up with a few British bloggers there for a visit on mass and some tea and cake πŸ™‚

    1. Hello!

      I agree with Kira – I live in Bath and would love to get together for a cup of tea if you’d like to πŸ™‚
      The fashion museum here is really nice, but if you’d like to book a study session (where you can look/handle/photograph items from the collection) email them as soon as possible as I know they are booked up until at least late October, and places fill up fast. The collections assistant, Elaine, is lovely. You can book a study table for Thursdays am/pm or Fridays pm. It is well worth it.

  18. What a wonderful trip. I’m sure you certainly deserve it. In addition to Stonehenge, you should see the Avebury Circles in Wiltshire. Last time I was there, it was far less touristy and very informative. Enjoy it all.


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