Module 5 worksheets

Algerian eye ample

Module 5

In Module 5 contains worksheets for 17 stitches. Normally a module would contain between 12-15 stitches but this time around I have a few extra. Look upon the extra stitches as a bonus.

Stitches included in Module 5 are: 

  • Algerian
  • Algerian Border
  • Arrow stitch horizontal
  • Arrow stitch vertical
  • Barred Chain
  • Basque Stitch
  • Chained Cross stitch
  • Closed Feather (or Turkaman stitch)
  • Cross stitch
  • Crossed Buttonhole
  • Square eyelet
  • Threaded Arrow stitch version 1
  • Threaded Arrow stitch version 2
  • Tied herringbone (3 simple varieties on one worksheet)
  • Whipped spoke stitch
  • Whipped Wheel
  • Woven Cross stitch

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Since this is a digital product there can be no refund. Test the freebies before you buy and that way you will not be disappointed. You can find the free sets and more information about the worksheets here

Stitch Module 5 is priced at $10 

6 Responses to Module 5 worksheets

  1. Holly Thompson says:

    These modules are wonderful! I just purchased the 3 modules (5,6,7) and look forward to receiving them. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the free ones! Hugs from Holly

  2. Barbara Rechtfertig says:

    Just found your website. What a fountain of inspiration and information. Thank you!

  3. Paulette Julien says:

    For your first 4 modules ,it will be possible to use traductor in internet ,but if I buy your modules 5-6-7 I can’t translate your sheet .
    It more difficult for me .Is it possible to have it in french ?
    If it is no possible for you I will buy it with pleasure

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