Take it further challenge for April

Take it further challenge for April

Since it is the first of the month it’s time to set another Take it Further challenge. With the arrival of Autumn in my part of the world and Spring in the Northern hemisphere my mind turns to ideas of cycles that involve change. Some people see change as positive while others are fearful of change.

Recently I have had two separate conversations. Both times I spoke about knocking a wall between kitchen and lounge area in our house. This would make the kitchen larger and open up the house considerably. One friend reacted with a comment about how houses are shaped to accommodate changing needs and how they grow to fit the family. In other words she saw this reshaping of the home in a positive light. Another friend jokingly asked me if it was mid life crisis time. In other words one person saw change as positive the other saw it is negative.

There are stages in life when it is almost unacceptable to change. For instance it is often implied that it is not acceptable to change when you are middle aged and the desire for change at this stage in life is often referred to as a mid life crisis. Yet often at the same time, in the work place expensive consultants are being hired to help corporations and institutions ‘manage change’. We are expected to adapt to different work stresses and embrace change in the work place but changes our private lives is framed as bit of issue. It amuses me when people say we have to learn to live with change as change has always been part of life. As soon as we are born we start to grow in other words we start to change.

How do you see change? That is the challenge topic this month.

I was torn about a colour scheme but came up with this one.

This is the source image I used. It is a holiday snap from when we went to China

Once again I came up with it by using ColourLovers If you have not seen this site before and love colour do check it out as there is much colourful fun to be had over there.

Remember that the palette you can only ever be a suggestion as computer screens display colours differently. The aim is to be as close as possible to the colours on your screen. However from ColourLovers you can download swatches to use is Photoshop, illustrator, or in a CSS file. Have fun with it!

As usual when you have worked the idea swing back to this page and leave a comment with blog or flickr address so that people can take a look at what you have been working on or done. There is a flickr group for the Take it Further Design Challenge and Debra Spincic has set up a webring for the challenge and another TIF blog.


  1. Hi, I have uploaded photos of my April challenge piece today. It is different from my other pieces but I like it.
    Thanks Sharon, you have pointed me in a new direction with the challenge. (again πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Sharon
    I’m feeling glum because I’ve got half way through this month’s challenge and know I won’t get it finished sooooo I am going to call it a day and bow out gracefully before you throw me out! I just don’t have the time. There is too much other stuff going on which I have to do first which isn’t leaving me much time to play.I’m so sorry as it is a brilliant idea and I was enjoying what I’d done to date. I shall still do what I can but no longer officially. Thank you.


  3. I’m an optimist. I like to believe that change is a good thing. It forces us to adapt, to learn new things, and to become a better, stronger person. For my April TIF, I decided that I would make a change. I forced myself to go outside my comfort zone and learn something new. I decided to teach myself needle tatting because it’s something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time and it’s always been something that I perceived would be very difficult to learn (which it’s not!).

    I posted some photos on flickr of my progress.


  4. I’m sorry, Sharon, but I’m going to have to give up. It seems as though one thing after another has been happening since February (I know only 2 months but feels like forever) I’ll take myself off the blog ring, but I’ll keep watching what everyone does!

  5. I have broken my left hand. I slipped off the edge of my driveway Thursday evening. Ugh!!! I started my April piece but now I will have to wait to finish it since the Dr said my hand would be casted for 4 weeks. I will sketch out the May concept when we get there so I won’t be too far behind when I have two capable hands again.


  6. Just finished my April challenge. I like change in most cases but I didn’t really know how to interpret “How do you see change” so I used the color scheme and embroidered a Radiant Rooster which is from old Chinese Art and made a pot holder out of it.

  7. Ok, this is my first TIF Challenge so here goes:
    Change has resonance with me for many reasons, not only have I moved so many times but my mother and Granparents on that side were travellers so I decided that this is where I would begin my ideas. Please have a look at my site to find out where I go from here.

  8. Mieke and anyone else who wants to join in
    Just join in on the challenge and leave a message here when you have some news. Just make sure you leave your web address when you do. If you include the http:// part of the address it will automatically become a link
    When you have a blog leave a comment and I will add you to the participants list on the Take it Further Page

  9. I’m reading about and thinking about the challenges for a while, now. I live in the Netherlands and recently I moved to another village after 20 years in the same house. Some change, huh, thinking about the aprilchallenge. I don’t have a weblog yet, but I’ll setup one immediately if I can take part of this incredible learning journey! But I read that there is a waitinglist. Well, it’s worth waiting for, maybe you can tell me, Sharon, when I can take part?

  10. Not only have I started working with a new process today, monoprinting with thickened dyes on fabric, but we are also painting our living room this week. Well, it started out as painting. So far the room is emptied of furniture and two door frames have been removed and the window frames are coming out to be stripped and the floor tiles have been scraped off and the faux beams have been removed from the ceiling and who knows what will happen next. Talk about change! You can see photos of the work on my blog and I will be posting pics of the dyeing experiment in the next few days or so.

  11. Tricia – you have done right! Just swing by and leave a comment just as you did to tell us when you have worked some of the challenge and blogged about it. Leave your blog address as a link so everyone can follow it.

  12. Help, I hope that you can tell me that I haven’t done it all wrong. I certainly have a lot to learn. I felt so inspired by what you do here I thought I might see if I could join. Well, I am very new to blogging and all of that so when I saw a link that said join I clicked on it. I filled out a form and it asked for my web blog details which I gave. I have an awful feeling that I have joined some ring instead of joining you here. Please can you tell me if I can join, and how I can do it. I hope you didn’t mind my posting this here as I couldn’t see any where else to do it. Thank you all for such interesting reading. Best Wishes Tricia

  13. Since I’m still working on Feb. (too difficult to work with at present) and March (nearly complete) I shouldn’t be planning another thing, but this came at a good time for me. I love the palettes darkness. I have a sense of nature when I look at these earthy colors! So I am thinking that I want to do change as Cycles! I do not like change that is not planned. Having had many changes that are hard in my life I work hard to plan for change! But Mother Nature does change all the time, with a regularity that I enjoy. Winter will be followed by spring, etc. Something to look forward to. So I am already planning and doing a cycle piece to help me understand how I can embrace change in a more positive way! I will use the color palette as background and place my abstract cycles on top of them. Hopefully I can find time to photo soon and post!

    Laura Lea
  14. Hi Sharon,

    My April challenge block is complete and can be found on my blog:


    I’m really enjoying this project Sharon! Thank you for taking the time to offer and host it.

    May I request some pink for an upcoming challenge? At the end of the year, I will be sewing my 12 blocks into a quilt and I’d love to have some pink on it! πŸ™‚

    Thanks Sharon,


  15. I can’t believe it, but the April TIFC is completed already. Nothing to do with fiber this month. Everything was done in PSP and with old photographs. The picture on my blog is pretty small, but it shows changes in aviation from 1943 to the present. I hope you are all enjoying working on this month’s challenge as much as I did. My blog is at http://www.dianem.wordpress.com

  16. I updated my blog this morning and added the color palette for April’s TIFC. Please feel free to copy them for the challenge and I hope they help a bit.

    My blog is http://www.dianem.wordpress.com

    This month I’m going to focus on the concept. I really like that we can chose between colors or concept each month. And I really enjoy seeing what everyone creates. Thanks so much to Sharon for providing the impetus to exercise our creativity.

  17. I see a number of themes here – change, cycles, positive/negative and lots of ways of pursuing all of them! Hmm.. Will have to contemplate the final direction for a bit longer.
    On Kitchens – I’ve built 3 of them so I say go for it! On demolition – yes, cover everything, tape doors closed etc otherwise EVERY part of your house will be covered in dust. A laundry can make a great makeshift kitchen!!

  18. Hi Sharon, I’ve got an open kitchen now and I LOVE it, makes for more light, space and connection to other things happening in the home.
    I finally finished March too, here’s a link to the blog post…
    I’ve an idea that I’m percolating for April… I always hope no one takes the idea before I “claim” it but that might be fun too, the different takes on it…
    Enjoy your day, Jane

  19. Hello, I’m from Spain. I’d like to take part in your group, I think is very interesting to use the imagination. Sorry for my bad English. I hope your news in my blog angelinesartero.blogspot.com.
    Sincerely Angelines

  20. It’s not that this topic has me brimming with excitement but as soon as I read the challenge theme for this month my mind reeled from one thougth/idea to the next on how to create this new piece. Within a few seconds each successive idea built from the previous one. Wow!
    Let me tell you, this DOES NOT happen with any regularity! Thanks Sharon. Keep ’em coming.
    (sorry a few of you are struggling with this one).

  21. I loved last month’s colors and this month’s colors my Mom would have loved. She passed away 10 years ago. I think I should use these colors and do some sort of fabric memorial for her. She loved to sew and liked to make beaded necklaces. So it should have beads on it. Something for me to think about. Thanks for doing this each month.

  22. I just realised it is now April … and I still have not done Jamuary, Febuary or March yet! (not to mention all the other journal quilts/challenges/etc I wanted to get done) … anyway – while this page was loading I also checked my e-mail and found out the theme for the chooseday challenge (“Bird”)

    my mind started to wander (maybe it is that wind blowing out some of the cobwebs?)

    … Hmmmm … change + bird …

    = phoenix? Lol

    … when changes are forced/fall upon us we often thing it is the end of something, but it is also the beginning of something new! – a new “Phoenix” rises up from the ashes of the old, and life takes flight in a new direction …

    It has been too many weeks since I have actually done a journal quilt/challenge/etc thingy … maybe this one will be a good one to jump back in with? … Hmmm … maybe I need to go stuff a stick of gelignite under my phoenix?
    (actually what I need to do is to FIND my sewing room under all the still half sorted out mess … but first I have to make 3 sets of ATCs for a swap because I have to send them off very soon … will someone please change things so that there are 100 more hours in each of my days?!)

    btw – if you want to knock a wall out then do it – who cares if someone thinks it is a mid-life crisis – LOL … just remember that if the house is more “open” then there could be less places to “hide” the mess!

  23. Dear Sharon,
    I enjoyed the challenges that I have completed but find I have not enough time to do them justice, and show my progress on my flickr site, so I am reluctantly bowing out.I shall continue to follow with interest what the TIF challenge is each month and see what everyone does with it. Thanks for the opportunity to participate,
    Yvonne (Beach_nanna)

    Yvonne Renfree
  24. You are a mind reader! Or at least have insight into my life. Last month – I read ‘details’ more as what does your “to do” list say about your life. And my to do list includes finding that challenge card and getting it posted tonight!

    And I now have 58 days to pack/cull a house we have lived in for 20+ years to move to a condo less than 1/2 the house’s size! Talk about CHANGE! Say what you want about change – it is rarely dull!

    doni in nebraska – for 58 more days!

  25. I always seem to know what I’m going to do with the concept as soon as I read it. Most times I find that the “first thought” is the best thought. I’ve chosen my theme for this concept and posted my first discussion of it on my blog today. I also matched up the DMC floss colors to the palette and that is in my post for today as well. Thank you Sharon! This one will be a real challenge for me, trying to pull my idea for the concept together with the color palette but I’m up for it!


  26. Interesting concept – I thought straight away of Climate Change and the colour palette fits in with maps of predicted temperatures. Personally at work to meet expectations of how we can mitigate global warming we’re having to adapt and respond quickly, a shift in emphasis but not necessarily anything new. Change is often a transition rather than abrupt

  27. Thank you Sharon, fantastic autumnal colors, these colors my monitor based VANILLA, RED DARK, SKIN, DARK GREEN AND LADRILLO, I could not see the colors in the color chart DMC
    Please help with the numbers.
    Thank you for the information.

  28. O.K. Sharon, I like the idea of change, as long as it is positive. Last month’s small details theme was a bit too close to home with our water situation. LOL! And how did you know that I just ordered a sofa and chair in a cinnamon color?

    I’m beginning to think that the palette always registers very dark on my monitor. It looks like two blacks up there. I like the spicy red and yellow, though and I’m thinking of some really nice fabrics I’ve got up in my studio right now with some of these tones….

    Time to get away from the computer and go to work in the real world!

  29. I love the topic and the colours in the photo itself in particular. I think life changes in some small way every day of our lives and this is what makes it so interesting. My mother was always painting and decorating and moving furniture around. My Father often said he thought he was in the wrong house and I remember he once came home and we were stuck in a doorway unable to move as she decided to move a large sofa to another room. So this is going to be fun.

  30. The concept is thought provoking and I will mull it over in my mind for a few days. I will be remodeling my kitchen too, but its because the condo association is replacing all the pipes in the building and will access them from interior walls. Aside from the huge special assessment, its a welcome change coz the kitchen isn’t functional. On the personal side, I view my midlife crisis as a negative. Who wants to make a huge change in employment on something that may be a midlife whim? Its a scary place to be.

  31. The concept is thought provoking and I will mull it over in my mind for a few days. I will be remodeling my kitchen too, but its because the condo association is replacing all the pipes in the building and will access them from interior walls. Aside from the huge special assessment, its a welcome change coz the kitchen isn’t functional. On the personal side, I view my midlife crisis as a negative. Who wants to make a huge change in employment on something that may be a midlife whim? Its a scary place to be?

  32. Oooh. This is one of my favorite themes. I’m still behind on March, but who knows – a magic window of time may appear soon!

    (And I’m with you on tearing out walls–one of my favorite things to do. The naysayers always come around and say, “Wow, now I get it!”


  33. Change is something we all face;regardless of how we deal with it.[Btw,I am dealing with Kitchens now, too.We are designing the kitchen for our new flat,as well as the other rooms.Deciding how much space we need and how to maximise it seems mind boggling,for me.]Its funny how people react differently to change in others visavis themselves.The same friend who asked you if you are having midlife crisis might be adapting to/dealing with change herself.I noticed that kind of reactions in my friends.May be they dont want to see changes in others.

  34. We are off to California on Friday and wont be back until the 19th so there will be no work done on this TIF until we get back, but like Sharon as it is autumn here I think i will go with those colors and the idea of a change in the season, although I will add some green as that is what we hope for here then. Actually I may go for the colors in the photo as I love that mix with a bit of blue/purple and green and terracotta.

  35. I love change. I say, go for it! I move a lot, so when I’m in one house for very long I HAVE to start painting, moving furniture, maybe even knocking out walls, so it feels like I’ve moved. I know, it’s weird.

    Great topic for me. Colors are a little more difficult. The dark ones are really hard to see. Is that black, dark green, and brown or burgundy? I can’t tell.

  36. The idea is interesting: we move a lot, and you actually look forward to the change as we “change” countries, meet new people, learn about new cultures and often learn a new language. But remodeling is not high on my FUN list for change.

    Colors … hmmm. I want to know where the green and blue went from the photo!!!

    And Happy April 1st … some places go BIG for the jokes!


  37. Go for it…I remolded a three bed slit level into a 5 bedroom tri level and I love it.I was in my late 50’s when we did it.

    And I think the color scheme for this month is very interesting. We were at a bed & breakfast last week-end and I told the owner I would make her a temari ball…these are her colors. ttfn…sue

  38. Oh, dear! I think I’ll pass on April’s Challenge. We are just coming out of winter here in Northern California. The color palette for this month is too dark and gloomy for me. Actually, last month wasn’t all that exciting, either. I need something to cheer me up. I hope May’s colors are more “colorful.”

  39. You have given us something to think about again. I’m captivated by change, but the remarks about circles, really rang my bell. I can see something with circles–not sure what, but will be fun to play with.

  40. Change is a good thing as long as it’s not self destructive. And as for the two differing opinions on remodeling the house – we know whose glass is half full and whose is half empty now, don’t we?

  41. a word of warning: if you knock down the wall into the kitchen – you’ll have to keep the kitchen tidy…..or not…and all your visitors see the dirty dishes in the sink. option two at our house! interesting challenge…Ive drawn a blank.(or is this an April Fools joke, and you are planning to give us the ‘real’ easier challenge later!)


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