Work in Progress Wednesdays Sewing Bee

Work in Progress Wednesdays Sewing Bee

Last Wednesday I asked if anyone else was interested in a Work in Progress challenge.

The aim of Work in Progress Wednesdays is to cox and encourage people to complete large and/or languishing projects or WISPs (Works in Slow Progress) Large projects have their own life cycle usually with me I start in a flurry of enthusiasm and then steadily work on them until about two thirds through and then I have to push myself to get them completed.

The challenge here is to regularly post photographs of a your progress not necessarily just a finished project. Even if it is only a single seam embellished, that seam has moved the project along. The idea is, that if you regularly report publicly on a project you are more likely to pick it up and work it a little. Even if it means the project is out and ‘looking at you’ for most stitchers it means they will work it a little. This is ideal for anyone who is working on large things like a hand made quilt such as a crazy quilt but any large stitch project.

What constitutes a large Project?

We have to have a marker somewhere so I am going say any project that takes over 20 hours from start to finnish. This means many embroidery projects although physically small would be included. For instance many stump work projects would take many more hours than that. Pulled and drawn thread work or reproduction samplers etc would all take much longer than that to complete.

I want to stress that you do not have to have something finished to post just something done that week!

April Crazy Quilt Project block in progress
For this reason I am sharing my latest block. As I have mentioned before this year I am participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 but it seems to keep me running. Yes, I am in catch up mode with that challenge. This is my block for April with its summer past and Autumnal mood that is April in Australia. As you can see it is in progress and hopefully you will see the completed block next week! The bobbin of silk ribbon is sitting there because I am dithering about the colour. I have done my block for May but not started on June!

How will it work?
Every week you need to post photo of how you have progressed on a blog, or one of the free public photo sites like flickr and then come back here on Wednesday and leave a comment that includes a link to your photograph. This is so people can visit and see how you are going leave comments and generally encourage you.

If you rotate projects that is fine. If you have stalled projects or if you are trying to work through UFOs (Un Finished Objects) or WISPs (Works in Slow Progress) even stash busting on projects that take over 20 hours would fit into this challenge. all you have to do is photograph your progress and then let us know where you have posted it online.

So are you gong to join me? 

Leave a comment on this post and let me know. If you have something already in progress leave a link and let us see!

Help spread the word

Please link back to Pintangle, so that people hear about it. Help spread the word and others will join.

For me all my Work in Progress Wednesday reports will be under that category


  1. I have started a blog to show my progress on this project. I explained what it is I am doing and will then post each week. Just remember I am new to blogging so don’t expect much. Here is the address:

    I also started a Wednesday WIP set on my Flickr account and posted some of my other work. Here is the address:

    I will start this week posting my progress. Thanks.
    Maureen in MD.

    Maureen in Maryland, USA
  2. I would love to participate in this and think this is something I might be able to handle. I am making a 6-panel small Christmas tree skirt for my tree of handmade ornaments. It was to be started at the CQ Adventure in CN last year. I made the six panels before but never did any work on it there. Since then I have been working on it a little here and a little there. My intension is to use things I learned at the Adventure and motifs I received in the Motif swap. I don’t have a website but I will take pictures of what I have and try and post them on Flickr. Is that how it should be done? I have never been able to post things (I don’t know how for sure) but I would love to try doing that as well as get some encouragement to finish this tree skirt.
    Sharon – I have been trying to use some of the stitches and such you taught us at the Adventure.

    Maureen in Maryland, USA
    1. Yes get a flickr account and when you have a photo leave a link here. Include the http part and it will become a link that others can follow. Great to see you join in!


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