Announcement – Next year is the last year I will teach online

Announcement – Next year is the last year I will teach online

I dont have a work in Progress Wednesday post as I have made a huge decision in my life.
Next year is the last year I will be teaching online

As many of you know I recently had a wonderful two month trip which allowed me to assess how I was spending my time. I often feel totally swamped by teaching online as the classes are always fully booked. It is wonderful to be successful – Internet success has really added much to my life but on the other hand it often prevents me from doing other things.

Towards the end of next year I hope to launch a book on Crazy quilting. This is something I have wanted to do for years but teaching and too much blogging has kept me from achieving it. So wish me luck and as always thanks for being such understanding, loyal customers and students.

I plan to still write Pintangle. In January will be the anniversary and Β I have been writing it for 10 years. Doing something for decade can mean it becomes stale so after the christmas break I will be back to give it a shake. I will write more about what to expect with that in the New year but I want to stress this is not the end of Pintangle but a reshaping

So next year will be a transition year from teaching to more writing. There are a number of shifts in my creative interests and over on Tones and Tints I will be sharing my progress as I return to more observed drawing.

I have the Calendar of classes for next year. This is the last time these will run.

All are available to purchase now. Each class runs for 6 weeks and is priced at $60. This is the last time these classes will run. As usual I will close them off when they are full. Follow the links for details about each class.

To find out how online classes are run visit the classes page

Encrusted Crazy quilting
Starts March 5th 2014

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery
Starts May 7th 2014

Artists Studio Journal: A Designers workhorse
Starts July 23 2014

I have decided not to run the GIMP for Textile Designers again. Since as a graphics program the software is always being updated it means my teaching material is constantly having to be updated! I have decided not to re-write the course materials and not run the class at all.

Wish me luck as there is is a book being written changes to the blog and few more surprises up my sleeve.



  1. Hi Sharon!

    It’s good to get the chance to re-assess what we want and how we want to go about it, isn’t it? It feels good just to read about someone doing that.=)

    All the best with the book project. I look forward to seeing that come to fruition, as a CQ book is something I would like. I too have decided to get back to my book project ideas (Chinese Language, not stitchery, I’m afraid!!), so let’s hope we both come up with the goods in due course.

    Good hunting!

  2. I never leave comments on anything, but after reading your post, I wanted to say to you how very grateful I am to have found you last year when I decided to start embroidering again for the first time since I was quite young. Your blog has been a great source of learning and inspiration, and I do hope that, whatever changes you make, these last 10 years of posts will remain available to those of us who have arrived somewhat ‘late to the party.’ It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the States, so it’s a good day to say ‘thank you’ for sharing your incredible talent.

    Mary Louise McGregor
  3. I wish you much success Sharon! I have taken all of your courses and found them amazing ! One of the best things that has happened to me is coming across your website. I was overwhelmed by the information on it, and I have no idea how you kept up with it all! You have an amazing talent and I thank you! I so look forward to your book!

    Many, many thanks to you and your husband for allowing us to travel along with you on your Yrip of a Lifetime!

  4. Congratulations on 10 years with this site. Although I have only been enjoying your site for a few years, I want you to know your creative spirit flows all over the world and I will be extremely happy for you in whatever you do. Writing a book is one of my Bucket list items and I am glad you are doing it also. You and your husband’s site about your art, journaling and the wonderful Trip of a Lifetime, has been so stimulating. I lived and worked in Paris for two years in the 60’s and it was a joy to relive some of the same visits and see some that I don’t remember. The article about driving in Paris was a hoot. I bought a Vw Bush and learned to drive a stick shift when I got it. What an experience. All the best for whatever you do.

    Faye Carole Post
    1. Hi Beverly yes the tutorials will remain in fact the site will probably get more attention as online teaching takes up a huge block of my day when classes run. When I am no longer doing them it will free me up.

  5. Good for you, Sharon. The recent trip did you a power of good, and that power is helping you to reshape your entire life. Your students will follow you and support you in all your endeavours. Best wishes

    Carole Auden

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